BREAKING: 4th Press Conf Mandalay Bay – UPDATE GoFundMe – > 25,000 donations; > $ 1.9 million in 11 hours

SWAT team about to “hit” northern Nevada house
Killed 59; Injured 527
Personal effects of people attending event are not available for recovery yet due to processing of crime scene
Additional 18+ guns/rifles, large ammo cache and explosives found in Mesquite house
Calibers ranging from .308 to .223
ATF has not yet evaluated any modifications to firearms
Paddock also bought guns in Arizona
He used multiple rifles during the shooting
Paddock shot through doorway and injured a hotel security guard in the leg who had responded to guest calls
More than 10 pieces of luggage in room.
No working motive at this time
Fire chief noting all three fire departments and 108 firefighters responded
Private medical ambulance businesses on site and off site rushed their personnel to site and began evacuations of critically wounded so fire fighters could continue to treat on site.
Coroner – will not speak to injuries sustained until AFTER families have been met with staff
Donations at convention center have been overwhelming
Blood centers are taking appointments for Thursday and have a current waiting line of people to donate that will take 6 – 7 hours to process tonight.
UPDATE: GoFundMe – > 25,000 donations totaling more than $ 1.9 million the last 11 hours.
A woman named Katie who was seriously injured asked Lt. Governor to say “Thank You” to a man named Sean Topper who carried her out of the line of fire and to medics.


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Self reliance is priceless.

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