Baghdad Blues #3

                                         Mohammed was a musical bum,

                                       Who wanted to bang the tin drum.

                            But try as he might, the rhythms weren’t right,

                                      So instead, he paradiddled his mum.


It’s going on now two months that I’ve been in Baghdad, and the caca gets deeper each day as the layers of the Islamic onion get peeled back, quite by accident, sometimes, and by virtue of overt questioning on my part.

The photo you see that accompanies this latest installment of the series is what I call The Boobs Without Nipples Monument. Each day now, as the driver “drives” me to work (it’s more akin to something like, ’takes my life into his hands while pretending to drive me to work, driving’) we pass by this gigantic blue monstrosity that is an artistic edifice, dedicated to those who died in the Iran/Iraq war of the late 20th Century. It is called the Shaheed Monument. Others call it the split onion. It looks like boobies to me.

What they won’t tell you on Wikipedia or other internet sources, is that there are tens of thousands of Iranian skulls at the base of the thing.

Which leads me to something I wrote two or three years ago about Islam that seems oddly appropriate here…I don’t know why. I’ll leave you with that, for now.


The notion of creating a Godhead out of a Man’s Head is nothing new. It’s been done since humans operated on a certain level, capable of conceiving of such things as God, consciousness, Life after Death, morality and so on.

 What is key to and singular concerning the notion of Mohamed/Allah is that someone (it doesn’t matter who) decided to pull off a rather transparent but apparently successful sock puppet routine by codifying texts (again, it doesn’t matter who, finally, threw together the Koran as it is today – or who Omar was) that elevate this “character”, Mohamed, to the status of Demi God, for, – you see – in Islam, if you go against Mohamed you go against Allah. That’s a powerful God Drug and easily understood as to why it is so attractive to so many Moslems – especially men. The entire construct is a joke, of course, as is amply demonstrated by yet another torturous read of that bad book supposedly delivered pristine to all Moslems.

It really is a joke, and a stupid one, for it is maddeningly clear to even a dolt that what has happened is that a religion, a man, and a God were invented to serve the purposes of the ideal Moslem Man – that is – every Moslem man. 

 He is his own Little Mohamed (with all the special ‘rights’ – like owning his woman, for instance) and naturally, any affront to any Moslem is an affront to Allah, then to the Construction of “Mohamed”, right down to the Moslem Everyman – a microcosmic, tribal prototype of God. Prototypes don’t like criticism.

 Really, in essence, a vicious circle is at work here; and that explains why Islam can never be supreme. The system is so flawed that it can only fall apart, in due time. Honestly, I believe the failure of the system has begun already. At this point it’s all a matter of how much carnage will come about between now and the end of Islam.”


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