A DACA Story That Will Make You Weep

The local paper reported on a DACA recipient today who is in dire straits.  Twenty five year old Venancio “Veni” Noya “emigrated” from Mexico when he was five years old. So while he may have emigrated with his family, they did so illegally and still remain citizens of Mexico. Veni graduated from high school, obtained a DACA deferment, and works for the Longmont, Colorado branch of the YMCA of Boulder Valley.

Unfortunately, Veni has spina bifida and must use a wheelchair. The reason the family emigrated illegally was “there’s not many doctors [in Mexico] that can help me there. There’s not much to do.”

One of the results of his condition is he needs a skin graft surgery that could cost up to $40,000 out of pocket. However, since he’s not a citizen, he doesn’t qualify for Medicaid and will have to come up with the cash.

To make matters worse, Veni’s father has a deportation hearing in March 2018 for an ICE arrest seven years ago. The family has “no idea” why the father attracted the attention of ICE in the first place.

Nikole Melakusay, executive director of Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition was quoted as saying regarding DACA recipients that “Their voices and stories are what’s going to change hearts and move policy.”

Are you moved by this story? NO? Well, me neither!

What makes me sad is that Veni’s parents started all of this in motion twenty years ago by entering the country illegally. It also makes me both sad and mad that the government of the United States didn’t do more to prevent Mexican citizens from entering the country illegally to obtain medical care on the backs of American citizens much less give them an education at our expense.

It also makes me sad That Barack Obama invented DACA out of thin air and that illegal aliens bought into the hope that Hillary would win and grant them all citizenship. I’m sorry, Veni, that’s not the way things worked out.

Another thing that makes me sad is that it will have taken eight years to deport Veni’s father. These things should never be allowed to drag on so long! This false hope is cruel and a violation of the due process right to a speedy trial. [Note] Shame on us for allowing this situation to go on for so long!

I might as well state the point on which many of you will disagree — as citizens of the United States, we have a right to choose who we let into the country and who we keep to help Make America Great Again. Should a legal mechanism be developed to do so, I would keep Veni. Until then, when DACA expires Veni becomes just another illegal alien in the country and subject to deportation by ICE.

Should Veni’s father be deported and Veni return to Mexico with him and the family, my sincere wish is that he uses the skills he’s acquired in the United States, obtains the necessary medical care and lives a long and happy life.

[Note] Just thought I’d throw that in there to help fan the flames of whether non-citizens have due process rights in addition to a right to an abortion.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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