One of the most amusing things about living in a city that is seventy-five percent Blue, twenty percent Green and five percent Red is watching the grotesque contortions The Local Fishwrap’s Editorial Board puts itself through in its laughable and infrequent efforts to Show The World just how fair and balanced they are in their Ongoing Outreach Effort to staunch the hemorrhaging of their laughably minuscule conservative readership.

And so it was this weekend past when the Minneapolis Star Tribune heroically ran a Think Piece by Katherine Kersten from the Center of the American Experiment on the Gramscification of the Public Schools, specifically related to the Institutes of Learning in the Crown Jewel of RINO Republicanism: the platinum suburb of Edina (EE-DINE-UH).

The article is linked here and is Well Worth Your Time because if this indoctrination is happening in the Twin Cities’ most monied and complacent burg, your town can’t be far behind.

The comedy comes from the Strib’s waiting An Entire Day before publishing six (yes, six) counterpoints to Kersten’s article.  Not content with one editorial rebuttal, the Smart Set on Portland Avenue decided a deuce would be better, and supplemented those screeds with four of a critical kind in the Letters to the Editor column on the adjoining page.

This is of course par for the proverbial course for the LOL Times and their much-ballyhhoo’d (at least since last November) effort to Practice Editorial Tolerance.

But just Not Too Much.


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Bruno Strozek

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