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Yahoo writer attacks black hockey player for standing for National Anthem


Going back to slavery, segregation, and the KKK, Democrats have a long history of attacking black people who threaten their hold on power, and so in honor of this tradition, after singling Subban out [my emphasis] as “the most prominent black player in pro hockey,” Wyshynski closes with a shaming campaign against him:

So no, P.K. Subban will not be the guy who takes the knee and makes the stand. P.K. Subban is the guy who decided, with his team, not to do so, and then told a room without cameras rolling that he would never protest during the anthem.

Sorry if this let you down, because you believed an outspoken player like Subban would stand in solidarity with other pro athletes, or would symbolically share your political beliefs through his actions.

Translation: Getting a little uppity there, ain’t you, boy?

In less than a week, the left has gone from defending athletes disrespecting the flag to shaming those who choose not to—to bullying those honoring their own conscience.

There are countless ways to protest something without spitting on America, especially if you are an NFL player. But Subban is under attack for not participating, for not violating his conscience, and all because a white man believes black people should never stray from the Thought Plantation.

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