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Welcome to the Glorious Birth of the Trump Party!

A major political party being born is rarer than winning the Powerball. In the last 150+ years, there have been all kinds of splinter political parties established which have as their only common denominator that none of them ever really made a difference. The Democratic and Republican Parties have now effectively merged into the UniParty – the party of political professionals willing to sell out your children’s’ future to the globalists in return for donations guaranteeing their power. We’ll discuss specifics of that corruption in a bit but last week saw the birth of the Trump Party – it was formally certified when President Trump’s deal with Schumer & Pelosi was quickly and overwhelmingly affirmed in both the House and the Senate.

After 7.5 months of getting betrayed by Ryan and McConnell, President Trump guaranteed the deal offered on a Continuing Resolution for the debt ceiling and Hurricane Harvey funding became law before the week was out. Neither Schumer or Pelosi could have accomplished that feat and Ryan & McConnell were going to waste September on more Kabuki theater pursuing a 1 year CR for the debt ceiling which was never going to pass. By doing what no one in the meeting expected, Trump blew the UniParty’s intentional grid lock of D.C. to hell and gone. He took a “packed legislative calendar for September” and turned it into free time to address tax reform.

President Trump also created a new dynamic – it is no longer a game of “How do we get enough Republican votes?” from six distinct interest groups. Now it’s a game of “Who’s going to get to the table first to make a deal Trump and a majority drawn from both party caucuses will support?”.

Or phrased more directly, To The Winners Go The Spoils

From a purely political perspective, there is now a new party in D.C. and it’s the Trump Party. President Trump’s power to veto at will now gives him the power to crush Ryan and McConnell’s agenda when it pleases him. The Establishment can’t force President Trump to sign laws which continue the GOP Establishment globalist agenda. This was their long term goal.

President Trump can, however, make law any legislative initiative in line with his agenda supported by enough of a bipartisan majority to pass the House and the Senate. In case anyone has forgotten, there are a ton of Democrats running for reelection in 2018 in states Trump won in 2016. Would anyone be surprised if many of those Democrats suddenly had an epiphany and decided they could support President Trump?

The bulk of Republicans in both the House and the Senate have been extremely frustrated with having zero input as virtually all legislation has been drafted by the Republican leadership in both houses. Being able to grab hold of the levers of legislative power and being able to show their constituents tax reform, infrastructure spending and other real world fixes which make the voters lives better is a good as it gets for a politician.

Side benefit? There have been few seeking to challenge Ryan and McConnell for their leadership positions for grid lock politics as usual. Being the Speaker or the Majority Leader who helped President Trump Make America Great Again? That’s the sort of resume enhancer someone who would like to be elected to a higher office dreams about at night.

Let’s talk about how corrupt D.C. really is these days.

Who chairs what committee is all a matter of donations:

Sharyl: Nick Penniman leads the group – Issue One. Its new report The Price of Power exposes how members of Congress serve as cash cows for their party’s political machinery. The best fundraisers are rewarded with powerful positions that decide the laws affecting all of us. Insiders report both parties have similar systems of “dues” that members have to pay every two years by raising money directly for the party. That’s called “dialing for dollars;” and by giving some of their campaign funds to the party and to colleagues facing tough races. How much they raise determines who gets ahead.

Penniman: What we should want is that people rise in stature because of merit, not because of money. And right now, it’s money over merit.

Sharyl: As an example, ordinary Republicans have six-figure party “dues.” But it takes more to make the ranks of leadership.

Sharyl: How much does a committee chairmanship cost?

Penniman: So, if you want to be the chairman of a major committee in Congress, and you’re Republican, you’ve got to deliver 1.2 million to the Republican National Congressional Committee. Democrats, it’s about the same thing.

Sharyl: It’s almost like paying for the privilege of obtaining a certain position.

Penniman: It is borderline extortion.

Hmmmm, that sounds like a part of The Swamp that needs draining. In fact, it sounds like an agenda item President Trump should target during his second term in office.

While some of you are liking the idea of a new party and a new dynamic in D.C., I can hear the doubters saying, “It’s an almost impossible task to set up a new national party!”

Unless, of course, you were an outsider who had already run for President as the candidate of one of the major political parties and had thumped a 17 candidate field from the party that nominated you and then had gone on to beat an opponent virtually everyone in D.C. considered unbeatable …

If you had done that and were actually President Trump … then all you are doing is what has traditionally happened when someone is elected President – you get to fill all the really important positions of the existing party that nominated you. Lots of people who worked on your campaign in the individual states also work to take over the existing party’s state apparatuses … which is what has been happening since November 8, 2016.

(Oh, before I forget, a hat tip to the Pajama Boy whose cognitive dissonance is so great he can’t see a plain political fact if the name Trump is in the mix.)

So why am I not classing this as a hostile takeover instead of the birth of a new political party?

My answer – when was the last time a President made a deal with the Congressional leaders of the opposing party? And in the process, showed how the grid lock of D.C. and the corruption of the party leaders could be broken?

F. H. Buckley is almost grasping what just happened:

Before the 2016 election, Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t defend Donald Trump. Now Ryan is surprised Trump doesn’t support him? Welcome to American politics 2017.

Trump won the GOP nomination by running against Ryan and the Republican Party. So when Trump cut a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi last week, the only question was: What took so long?

The Paul Ryan Party espouses open borders on immigration and right-wing economic policies. That’s not what elected Trump. Instead, he appealed to our sense of nationalism, which meant protecting our borders and looking out for fellow citizens who need our help.

Nationalism has a gravitational force that draws people to the center on economics. Religion has the same effect, since the sincere believer in the Jewish-Christian tradition is obliged to care for others, at the risk of being labeled a hypocrite if he doesn’t. He’s not going to be an Ayn Rand fan, like Ryan.

What I’ve just described, a party of nationalists who are mostly religious believers, is Trump’s Republican Party, which he labeled the Republican Workers Party.

On social issues, they’re very different from Chuck Schumer’s Democrats. On economic issues, they’re very different from Paul Ryan Republicans. On immigration, they’re very different from both Schumer and Ryan. They’re the party that elects our presidents.

That’s where we are today, three different parties squaring off, like the gunfight scene at the end of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” If you remember the movie, you’ll recall that it ends when two gunfighters join up against the third.

Unfortunately, Buckley projects his ideology onto Trump and misses some obvious facts. There isn’t a Paul Ryan Party in the gunfight. President Trump has already proved he can politically castrate Ryan and McConnell. The gunfight is with the Democratic Party which is currently rudderless and being hijacked by the most extreme Trump haters who can push themselves in front of a camera. Last I checked, Maxine Waters is trying to win a heavyweight championship fight by talking trash and leading with her face.

Her chances don’t look very good.

The only real heavyweights President Trump has to contend with are the Republican Donor Class – which is why I stated reforming the committee selection process is an agenda item for President Trump’s second term.

Will he really rename it the Trump Party?

I don’t think he’ll have to – I think they will do it for him at the end of his second term. If he has to retire from the political field, why give up that great brand recognition?

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