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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #51 – Self-Congratulatory Award Show Edition

Uh oh, another one of those nasty threads that doesn’t obsess over politics, thus giving up the world to the Commies. If I had only ran another post about the year 1776, then it would have been saved.

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve been able to get in some great gaming time this week including on the ol’ Atari 2600, in particular with Front Line, Donkey Kong, Mines of Minos & River Raid; at the arcade I made a visit to a local town with a bunch of classic arcade games in storage (went to test something but you can’t go to a place like that without playing a few) including Robotron 2084, Blasteroids, Tutankham, & Dragon’s Lair; I also bought The Simpsons by Konami so had to fix then set that up. Last but not least, played some more Dead By Daylight & a little Castle of the Winds.

Here’s the score I got on River Raid. Such an awesome game, even today

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Original MOD Music Files From Tempest 2000 Recovered & Playable In Tempest 4000

New App For Tracking Your Game Room Scores

UK Arcade Collectors Tackle Quite The Challenge In France

Overwatch Dev Blames Free Speech, Anti-SJWs For Slowing Development Of Utopian Game Future – Aren’t there better FPS games you can play than Overwatch?

Ben 10 Game Set To Launch Nov. 14th For PC/PS4/SW/XB1

NES Golf Discovered Inside The Nintendo Switch OS – No way to access it yet though

Raiden From Mortal Kombat Joins The Injustice 2 Cast – Just call it Mortal Kombat Vs. DC already 😛

The History Of 2D Metroid Games – Bonus: Someone At Arby’s Likes Metroid

How The AI Was Designed In Killer Instinct – Since everyone is losing their minds over AI development these days

Crossplay Between PS4 & XB1 Owners On Fortnite? – Bonus: Better not team up in Battle Royale mode, they’ll ban you for that (touchy, aren’t they?)

Nintendo Switch Is #1 Selling Game Hardware In August – Sounds Like The Wii Era Again

“Step Based Exergaming” Rhythm Game StepManiaX Gets A New Website – Aka, new competition for DDR.

Atari’s E.T. Was Cloned For The ZX Spectrum – Long Live E.T.X.

In Case You Weren’t Aware, There Is A New Tomb Raider Movie In The Works

Today’s post brought to you by, Robocop and Data East; promoting violence against thugs and arcade games


Nintendo Direct – In case you missed the news, a lot of what has been said about the Nintendo 3DS and Switch this week came from a Nintendo Direct. They spend a lot of time on games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Octopath but there is plenty more news shoved in there including some nintendo arcade classics coming to the Switch, Kirby Battle Royale, Doom(click for a graphics comparison) and Wolfenstein II are coming to Switch, more Super Mario Odyssey and other things that should appeal to anyone with an interest in Nintendo’s game machines:

New Trailer For Gear.Club On Nintendo Switch – Right before we went to wire, Nintendo posted this to their Youtube channel. The game had been unveiled earlier this year and will find a release on Dec. 1st.

Light Field Set To Release On Sep. 26th (PS4/XB1) – Proof that not every futuristic racing game has to be a clone of F-Zero or Wipeout. This has a focus on ‘”omnidirectional precision racing”, a fancier way of saying how the tracks are opened to the point of having many different paths to reach the finish line.

More Footage Of Warframe’s Plains Of Eidolon Update (PC/PS4) – I know we have some Warframe players around these parts so you might be interested in seeing more from that open world Plains Of Eidolon update that has been released:

Homebrew of the Week: Sonic 2 HD (PC) – I’m curious to hear how many Sonic fans out there are really interested in this project given the existence of Sonic Mania. Of course, all this is doing is updating the graphics of S2 while SM aimed for a Sega CD style appearance. It also may very well be taken down by Sega at some point but in case you really want to see what Sonic 2 would look like in HD:

Technology Headlines

Gab Sues Google Over Play Store RemovalLefties Going After Gab’s Name Registrar

Researchers Claim They Can Connect A Human Brain To The Internet In Real-Time 

Tesla Batteries Graciously Extended For Hurricane Irma – Don’t worry, they’ll charge you for such benevolence later

Volkswagon Shuns Their Proven Diesel Engine Tech For Electrical Hype Post-Fuel Manipulation Scandal

Final Moments of Cassini At NASA Mission Control

US Feds Banning Use Of One Russian Software Company Among Agencies

Equifax Breach Happened Thanks To Incompetence – But hey, they got to check the gender Affirmative Action Box and that’s what matters, right?

The Bluetooth Malware Attack BlueBorne Explained

The UK Unveils Their Own Laser Based Weapon System

ARM Chips Moving Into 7nm Territory

US Navy Expanding Sub Hunter Program

Japan Helping India Build A Bullet Train – If There Is One Country That Seems To Get Bullet Trains Right, It’s Japan

Making FLOPs Great Again – The 200 Petaflop Supercomputer Is Almost Ready To Compute

Well this just hits me right in the nostalgia:


The iPhone X – OF course the big news this past week was Apple’s latest reveal of a new iPhone series, one that adds glass to both sides of the phone, dumps the home button for FaceID, improves the camera functions and costs a mere $1000 for the base model.

Here’s the ad Apple put together to promote the X:

And some criticism of the latest Apple line-up, mainly over pricing

And since we’re having some fun, this chart will help you decide between a Sega Genesis and an iPhone X. You’d think that Blast Processing would be standard on all devices by 2017. Genesis Does What iPhonedon’t!

AMD Ryzen Threadripper To Unveil 32-Core Model? – That looks to be the case thanks to this enthusiast spending $1000 on a Threadripper to delid it instead of buying an iPhone X.

Alleviating Crouch Gait Using A Robotic Exoskeleton – Robotics are often in the news for negative effects but it’s not all gloom and doom. Here, children with cerebral palsy are given the chance for a normal stride thanks to a robotic brace, the equipment allowing them to improve their stance without surgery. The research here is the first time such tests have been done with children. The project still needs years of work but it is promising. More details can be found here.

Hypsersonic Flight Enabled by 3D Metal Printing: Granted you still wonder where affordable, commercial supersonic flight is still but perhaps more advances in hypersonic flight will help the ‘slower’ supersonic stuff come to fruition sooner

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Let’s Fly Over Pluto –  Seeing how Cassini’s final image got a juicy post all to itself, I’ll skip that in favor of this new 3D rendering of a “Pluto flyover” that uses the high-rez data sent back to us from New Horizons three years ago.

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