The Wall Street Journal is Being Sensationalist With the Paris Climate Treaty and Trump’s Reversal on Withdrawing From It

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Back in June, Trump stated that he would withdraw from the Paris Climate “Third World Money Transfer Program” Agreement. After which there was a firestorm of gnashing of teeth from world leaders crying about losing out on US funding crying about the climate being irreparably damaged from the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement.

Here is Trump in his opening remarks:

President Trump withdraws the U.S. from the Paris climate accord

President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change Thursday afternoon. He described the move as a re-assertion of American sovereignty. More breaking news:

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump is NOT in fact withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, he is seeking to renegotiate the terms.

A revealing cable from the State Department leaked to Reuters back in August showed that the Trump administration was not withdrawing from the agreement. In it, Tillerson told all diplomats that the United States is not withdrawing from the treaty and to be informed of the current policy when discussing it with foreign leadership.

The cable read:

“Since the announcement, the Department has received many questions about whether we will seek to re-negotiate or amend the Paris Agreement, or negotiate an entirely new agreement. At this time, there are no plans to do so. Rather, the Administration is considering options for potential re-engagement in the Paris Agreement under different terms. ”

It is directly contravening his prior speech in June where he stated he was going to withdraw, YET it isn’t the big to do that the WSJ is making.

Further in the cable, the “re-engagement” looks like it is going to be benign, maybe even beneficial to the United States: there will be no payments to third world countries and no constraints on the US for any reason if it harms economic growth.

Since 99% of the agreement was about new regulations and money transfers, this effectively neutralizes the “Paris Climate Accord” much like the Kyoto Treaty.


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