US Virgin Islands Governor Mapp Seizes All Guns & Ammo Ahead of Irma

US Virgin Islands

I didn’t really intend for today to be “bash the Virgin Islands” day at Sparta Report (or more accurately, bash their idiot governor, Republican Kenneth Mapp), but their government seems to have come down with a serious case of stupidity over the last several days.

Without any real clear reasoning for doing so, the Virgin Islands decided to seize all its citizens’ guns and leave them at the mercy of violent robbers when Hurricane Irma barrels down on the islands sometime today:

The governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands has ordered its national guard to seize guns, ammunition and other weapons from its citizens as the territory prepares for Hurricane Irma to make landfall.

Gov. Kenneth Mapp, an Independent, signed an executive order Tuesday instructing Adjutant General Deborah Howell “to take whatever actions she considers necessary” to maintain public order, The Times-Picayune reported.

The order, obtained by The Daily Caller, states that Howell is “authorized and directed to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material and any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission.”

“People need the ability to protect themselves during times of natural disaster,” Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action said. “This dangerous order violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and puts their lives at risk.”

If this isn’t enough to convince you Mapp is an idiot and should have no place in the Republican Party, check out these gems from an interview he did with The Atlantic a few weeks ago:

Mapp: The United States cannot continue the policy of putting the burden of all medical costs on the private sector. And it can’t sustain this trajectory of yearly increasing costs. We’re a little under 25 percent of GDP for health-care costs in the nation. What that would mean if it get to 30, 33, or 40 percent would be disaster. Premiums would be through the roof. What it would do to the Medicare and Social Security fund would be horrendous. And those things deeply affect the Virgin Islands, too. The Affordable Care Act was certainly a step in the right direction. It didn’t fix everything, and it wasn’t designed to fix everything.

But most developed nations have what folks like to call social medicine or universal care. And while there are cons about that, there are some pros for us. I don’t know if the United States government needs to go completely to a system like England’s or Canada, but its current form is unsustainable. For the Virgin Islands, we are really about figuring out how to create a real policy for care for those who can’t afford to pay, how to create a market so there’s insurance coverage for those who can afford to pay, and how to make that system work within the national conversation around care. Our little island and our little policies are like throwing a pebble in the ocean. They’re not going to create policies for the territories individually, but we need to make sure that we work with the national government and make sure our voice is heard, to ensure that we’re not crushed by change. If the national government moves more towards a universal system, then we benefit.

No wonder the Virgin Islands is going bankrupt if someone with this level of economic illiteracy is running the place.


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