Trump Effect: Manufacturing Gains 150 Thousand Jobs While Federal Government Loses 11 Thousand

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Manufacturing is up nearly 150 thousand jobs while combined federal and state government employment is down by over 13 thousand jobs, with the bulk of the layoffs having come at the federal government level.

This would be a great thing for conservatives, but when you add in the local government jobs, which have risen by over 12 thousand, you have a paltry 1000 fewer government jobs so far in 2017. Considering there are over 22 million employed with government at all levels, this amounts to almost no change.

But… at least it is moving in the right direction:

The number of people working for the federal government has declined by 11,000 in 2017 while the number working for state governments has declined 2,000, according to data published today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But because the number of people employed by local governments has climbed 12,000 so far this year, the overall decline in the number of people employed nationwide by government has only dropped by 1,000 in 2017.

Meanwhile, even though manufacturing jobs have increased by 137,000 this year, the number employed by government in August still exceeded the number employed in manufacturing by 9,818,000.

In December 2016, there were 22,299,000 people employed by federal, state and local governments in the United States. By August, that had dropped to 22,298,000—a decline of 1,000.

On the federal level, there were 2,819,000 people employed by government in December 2016. That dropped to 2,808,000 in August—a decline of 11,000 so far this year.

On the state level, there were 5,085,000 employed by government in December 2016. That dropped to 5,083,000 in August—a decline of 2,000.

On the local level, there were 14,395,000 employed by government in December. That climbed to 14,407,000 in August—an increase of 12,000.

With federal and state governments dropping a combined 13,000 employees so far this year, and local governments adding 12,000, the net change in government employment nationwide so far in 2017 has been a decline of 1,000.

The 22,298,000 people employed by government in the United States in August continues to far outstrip the 12,480,000 people employed in manufacturing—evening though manufacturing has seen employment gains this year as government employment has marginally declined.


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