Is Trump Cucking About on DACA?

trump DACA

Donald Trump is expected to announce the end of Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program-also known as DACA-on Tuesday. Trump has reportedly planned for the program to end in six months, an act which has confused and infuriated some of those on the right.

Is Donald Trump giving the GOP-led Congress cover to pass a more permanent amnesty than DACA?

Does Donald Trump plan for DACA to be an election bone to be thrown to the Trumpster wing of the GOP?

Is Trump just a dirty, lying cuck?

Join me as I break down President Trump’s possible strategy in a stream of consciousness rant.

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Editor’s Note: I recorded this yesterday before Trump announced his final decision on DACA.  Regardless of what the final decision turns out to be, I think a lot of the analysis still applies.  Particularly as it relates to the dire straights the establishment wing of the GOP will find itself in during the 2018 midterms.  Really the only thing that would render this entire podcast moot would be if Trump just went ahead and canceled DACA effective immediately.

I actually wouldn’t complain about that.


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