I Thought Trump Was Under House Arrest?

I believe I have just been proven right when I told you that Cernovich was making crap up and being a chicken little on this situation between Trump and Kelly. No one tells President Trump what to do, he… in the words of Kid Rock… is the mtherfcking President.

Next time, listen to reason before running and screaming to the hills when pro socialized medicine, pro universal welfare, undercover socialist Mike Cernovich tell his stories for clicks.

President Trump is chafing under Chief of Staff John Kelly’s control and is finding ways around it, according to a report.

Kelly has tried to control who the president talks to, but Trump is continuing to call business friends and outside advisers, including former chief strategist Steve Bannon, the report by the Washington Post said.

Trump calls Bannon and others from his personal phone when Kelly is not around, the report said.

“Donald Trump resists being handled,” Roger Stone, former Trump adviser and longtime confidant, told the Post.

“Nobody tells him who to see, who to listen to, what to read, what he can say,” he said. “General Kelly is trying to treat the president like a mushroom. Keeping him in the dark and feeding him s— is not going to work. Donald Trump is a free spirit.”

Whereas before friends could call the White House and be patched through to the president, now his calls are routed through Kelly and do not always make it to the president, the report said. Friends used to be able to drop by the West Wing, but now they must have an official appointment and a clear reason to visit.

Some Trump loyalists derisively dub Kelly “the church lady,” the report said.

Kelly is reportedly reviewing White House staff and is “said to be targeting aides without clear portfolios or responsibility.”

So far, most if not all of the White House staffers who have been removed, pushed out, or resigned have been Trump loyalists who were with him during the campaign.

Trump “doesn’t like” how Kelly is handling him, the report said.

At the same time, he is “quietly fuming” over National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn’s public criticism of his response to the events in Charlottesville, even after they spoke privately.

He has “grown increasingly frustrated” with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose approach the president says is “totally establishment.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters earlier this week that Trump “absolutely” has confidence in Tillerson.

There you have it. Trump is pissed at all the establishment Republicans in his cabinet, especially Cohn and Tillerson, who both have very publicly attacked Trump over the last few weeks. Could we be seeing them get fired soon?

Remember when I said we shouldn’t cry for Steve Bannon? This is why, Trump isn’t a stupid, drooling idiot who needs someone whispering into his ear at all times.

Also, just in case anyone doesn’t believe me on Cernovich’s repeated calls for socialism, from the linked Vox piece:

I believe in some form of universal basic income,” he told CBS’s Scott Pelley, citing concerns about technological unemployment. “I’m pro-single-payer health care. Is that right-wing or is that left-wing anymore? Well, if you have a lot of people, a large swath of the company, or country, are suffering, then I think that we owe it to all Americans to do right by them and to help them out.”

Mike Cernovich is a socialist with an agenda, which is why he’s now disavowed Trump, the Alt Right, and joined in with the left to attack them when it was the cool thing to do.

These positions he’s taken are not conservative and they are certainly not from someone who wants a smaller government, which would mean he’s not a libertarian either. No, he fits into the Richard Spencer category of the right, a national socialist.

He may not share the same racial animosity that the traditional national socialists had, but he’s certainly got their big government tendencies down pat. Please do not ascribe to him any relation to conservatives.

Mike Cernovich is a Socialist


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