May the NFL rot in hell

American flag flying in the wind

For the last few days I have been watching the ongoing controversy with the NFL and the National Anthem Protests. Each time I see or hear about it, it sickens me more than before.

I come from a long line of military vets. My father was a Vet and was present in Europe after the Battle of the Bulge. Great Uncle George was wounded in World War One. Uncle Frank served in both Korea and Vietnam, and my dear cousin Phillip Joe, died as a result of the Vietnam War, unable to cope with being the only survivor in his Platoon after a VC attack. (Many others served as well.)

I will never forget the day I enlisted, tears in my eyes and swelling with pride as I took the Oath. Then coming home and putting my enlistment papers on the dining room table, and walking to my room, not saying a word. Dad comes home from work, sees the paperwork, and comes into my room, tears in his eyes, and dragging me first to the VFW and then the American Legion, to let his friends know what I had done. With my enlistment, I had joined a select fraternity.

One leave, I returned to the town of my birth in Oklahoma, to see Grandma and Aunt Betty and others. The first Sunday morning, I was “ordered” to put on my uniform where Aunt Betty then took me to church. Unknown to me, she had let everyone know that I was in town, in the Air Force and on leave. The church was packed with people I knew from 10 plus years earlier, and others I did not know. They were there for church, but they were also there to see me and wish me luck. (Such is small town America.)

Now, as I look at the spoiled brats of the NFL, I have feelings of disgust for all of the players, the coaches, the owners, and the NFL league officials.

The NFL and its millionaire players are doing similar to the Vets and the people of the US today, as to what happened to returning Viet Nam vets in the late 60’s and early 70’s. For all practical purposes, these elitist fools are spitting on each of us, showing us their complete disregard for our service, our dedication, and our loyalty to the US.

Yes, the players have their right of free speech to protest, but that free speech has been given to them on the backs of those who have served our country through the military. For all too many Vets, they made the ultimate sacrifice to protect that right.

I too, have the right to protest your actions. And I choose to do so. My protest has taken the form of never watching another NFL football game, going to a game, or buying any product that is NFL affiliated.

For me, you have forfeited all rights to my supporting you. You have “spit” on me, on all Vets, current military, police and all of middle America and the small towns and cities of America.

May you all rot in hell, you ungrateful elitists……


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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