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Systematic Degradation of the US Military

As some of you know, I’m not a military veteran. My short stint as a DoD contractor in Iraq based in Abu Gharaib was as close as I got to actual combat operations. Close enough to hearing the angry hornet sound of errant rounds at times, but still not in a shootout situation. As I was also in command of the base security which consisted of a battalion of Peshmerga working for a contractor out of Irbil, I had to learn what the hell to do if we came under assault by insurgents wanting to get the billions of dollars of munitions, weapons, supplies etc. warehoused at our base. Fortunately, I had a retired hard assed, combat bloodied US Army Ranger CSM named Ed Bierle who ran Ops for the transport convoys. He told me one simple command: “If we get hit, stay low and follow me.” Taking that sage advice to heart probably made me an honorary 1st Lt. LOL!
Because I was so close, having the honor and opportunity to work with some retired, decorated combat vets as well as currently serving officers up to the rank of general officer, I was made privy to things that most civilians would never experience. It allowed me some insight into the military mindset with of course I dovetailed into my standard issue US civilian mindset. My observations, coupled with my love of history and background in political science, have led me to think our military is in a precarious position. I don’t think many would argue against that and it’s not a revelation by any means. It’s the “why” that gets me.

Clinton taking office was the worst possible event that could have befallen the US Military. Worse than Vietnam. WJC and his bitch wife hated the US Military and everything it stood for: Duty. Honor. Country. He systematically began purging warfighters as soon as he took office. Many simply retired rather than serve under this Commie loving asshole (ok, some small bias here). Others were passed over for promotion, ending their careers. Politically correct, politically attuned officers were put into the chain of command. Over time, those officers were favored during 8 long years of Clinton and moved up to where they affected the culture and mindset of the branches they were in. By the W took office, the rot was already in place. Then 9/11 came and we were in war mode, but without the cream of the crop of Vietnam field experienced leadership who had retired or been forced out. We had to re-learn how to fight and defeat an asymmetrical enemy; something we had figured out by the end of the Vietnam war. How many lives lost and troops maimed that cost us, I cannot know. My conversations with Army and Marine NCOs and officers who were directly involved in combat operations in Iraq opened my eyes to the disconnect between General officers and those under their rank. To a civilian living in a military run world, it was a shock.

When W left office, we got Obama, an outright Marxist. His hatred of the military and the US as she was made Bill seem almost conservative. Obama continued the purge of warfighters, even as we fought a war on two fronts officially, probably several others covertly. Political hacks aka perfumed princes replaced warfighters, using a term coined by Col. David Hackworth, a warfighting legend of the Vietnam war and before that, WWII and Korea. Obama forced USMC Gen. Mattis to retire, among others. Obama surrounded his General officer cadre with political hacks who wore uniforms whenever he could do so.

I can’t say exactly when this happened, but it’s clear to me that a degradation of training has been taking place. We all know about the pilots of all services being constrained for “fuel savings”. That’s purely political bullshit from those leftist in power. Combat pilots have to constantly fly to train and keep their warfighting edge; simulators are not the same thing. Ground pounders and helo pilots require the same constant, real world training. It saves lives. The US Navy is probably the one service where this movement away from constant, real world drills and training have cost us dearly.

There are reasons why we’ve lost so many able seaman for collisions at sea. The first and foremost reason it;s hacked systems or sabotage, although those may be real.  After speaking with former sailors and listening to retired USN officers speak, the onus is on the Navy’s reliance on digital media officer training, rather than at sea training under experienced command officers. This change happened under W shortly after he took office, but it wasn’t W’s cross to bear. It was a direct result of Clinton’s prior changes in the command structure of the Navy away from old school blue water sailors to digital age whiz kids. The Navy greatly reduced the rigorous at sea training of officers and sailors and now we have a whole lot of dead seaman. The Navy had commissioned a retired Admiral to investigate why all the at sea collisions well prior to the latest spate.   Before these last deaths, we had lost maybe 1 sailor to collisions at sea.   Admiral Eyers concluded that the lack of proper and vigorous at sea training led to poor seamanship and the resultant mishaps at sea with heavy and unnecessary loss of life.

The USN did nothing about Admiral Eyer’s findings. Seventeen families are now mourning the loss of their sons in non-combat duty over poor command. There will be more, sadly enough.

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