Star Trek: Discovery – An Old Guy’s Review

Star Trek: Discovery.

I was once upon an age ago, a Star Trek fan. Not the 90s kind, the 60s kind. Or to be really specific, the kid of the 1970s who watched Star Trek every time it came on in syndication before any Star Trek Movie ever came out. Original Series, we have to say today.

I was never a big fan of Next Generation though I saw a few of the more interesting episodes. Voyager just seemed dumb to me, the one random episode I watched. Deep Space Nine was okay, I saw several episodes and the pilot but it never clicked with me and I stopped.

As per everyone else, the even numbered movies <10 were fine. Khaaannnn!!

To further describe my Trek centre, Episode 14, ‘Balance of Terror’ is my absolute favorite episode.

I am a military historian and an engineer, and that episode is my kind of Trek.

Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Alert

WARNING – Here there be spoilers.

So I watched Star Trek: Discovery and hoped we would not get dumb show stunts like walking in a circle in a dust storm to signal a ship in space, but lo, we got that in the first 5 minutes.

Our Federation Good Gals.

Michelle Yeoh is the Captain, Sonequa Martin is Michael Burnham some half vulcan half human (how clever) First Officer. Doug Jones plays some kind of empath – science officer combo (Beta Troy?!), but every time I hear him speak I see ‘Abe’ from HellBoy. A few other characters who got 1 line or less round out the bridge crew. Including a robot of some sort, all metallic and lights (not at all like Data) and metal boobs. I have no idea why a robot needs metal boobs, but there you go. Majority of faces you see are female. The bridge is very ‘stark’ being mostly viewscreens, large open spaces, and lit badly most of the time.


Ah the Klingons are Bad Boys.

The Klingons are reimagined, or we should say rebased as the real bad guys. And yes they seem to be majority male, but to be fair with the very heavy masks, and cgi who knows. Maybe they are all violent and mad because they are all transexuals, or asexuals? They are some kind of macabre death cult. I read someone thought its a Trump and Trumps followers kinda thing. My take is Islam, they are representing the forces of Jihad (similar to Dune also). They are subtitled as they speak Klingon exclusively on screen.


My Ship for a Plot.

This show supposedly takes place 10 years before Kirk gets a ship. Ok, but it never says that, and the tech looks far more advanced than Kirks Enterprise, but does explain a few bits, the harsh robot, the phasers, the lack of transporter tracking.

So the Klingons hide out near the border and purposely damage a beacon in order to get a Federation ship to come lumbering by. So the Feds send a warship, as opposed to say, I don’t know, a tiny repair tug, or better yet a repair robot.

Then they cloak themselves (Romulans?) and since the Fed ship USS Shenzhuo(ugh) cant get close enough and one surmises that all the shuttles are having oil changed at the same time, the half-vulcna first officer must don the space suit for an EVA thru radiation eel infested waters.

They discover the Klingon ship, and then spend what appears to be the next 4 days wondering what to do. All communications are jammed during the standoff except for diplomatic channels to Vulcan where our hero First Officer calls her dad or someone. He gives here the secret to facing down the Klingons. Which she fails to implement because “Federation doesn’t shoot first!”, just in time to see 10 more Klingon ships warp jump within 100 yards of them.

Images are necessary when making a TV show, but for starships to warp jump to within 100 yards of each other is a bit, well, dumb. As much as I disliked the new Battlestar Galactica, the space combat scenes were well done with appropriate distance views.


In Space or Online No One Can Hear You Scream.

ANNNNNNNDDDDDD to see the rest of the series you have to sign up to CBS AllAccess.

WUT? Hmm, well I ain’t doing that, so good luck CBS. It might be free now, but its another dam password username I have to write down somewhere next to my password ‘pencil’.

I also presume online there won’t be 30minutes of commercials either.


Behold a Marvel in the Darkness.

In Ep 14, ‘Balance of Terror’ the Romulan is trying to get away from the Enterprise and Kirk when they cross a comet. Mark Leonard says “Behold a marvel in the darkness. Its many particles will obscure their scanners.”

The crew says “Our reflection no longer follows us” as Kirk used the same comet to make an end run on him, hoping to see his trail as he exited the comet.

Great tactics reflected in TV.

Will this show, and the mixed TV – online format work?

I dunno, I suppose everything is just filler until WestWorld Season 2 appears.


Written by orbitalair


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