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Spain Central Government and Catalonia Heading for Independence Vote Clash Tomorrow

Catalonia has a referendum that will be brought before the region’s voters tomorrow. The central government has already found a judge to declare it void and the holding of the referendum illegal. The police will be out stopping and arresting anyone going to the vote.

Many of the regional politicians have already been arrested by the Spanish government for their calls for secession, yet the vote is still on for tomorrow.

We can be sure tomorrow will be an eventful day in the Eurozone country.

Spain and its most powerful and prosperous region are headed for a showdown, with police trying to shut down polling stations to stop the referendum and activists, students and parents occupying schools designated voting places to keep them open.

Much remains unclear, including whether police will forcibly remove people who are still in the polling stations at a 6 a.m. Sunday deadline and how many of Catalonia’s voters will be able to cast ballots amid the central government’s crackdown.

Also unknown is what happens next if regional leaders declare any vote legitimate and Catalonia declares independence. The referendum was suspended under constitutional rules weeks ago so a court could consider its legality.

Turnout will be key, and if people like Aguilera are any indication, it could be high. She wanted a referendum to be held under constitutional rules so she could vote “no” and try to keep Spain and Catalonia united. Now, she wants Madrid to feel the pinch of the region’s disgust.

“I don’t agree with the way the vote has been convoked by the Catalan government. It should have been a legal one,” Aguilera said. “But this is going to be a demonstration of democratic force to show (Prime Minister Mariano) Rajoy that we deserve respect and that he needs to listen to Catalonia.”

Catalan authorities have pledged to make the voting possible even if police, acting on judges’ orders, manage to close polling stations and seal off ballot boxes. Some 5.3 million people are eligible to vote in the region, one of 17 in Spain.

The latest surge for independence essentially started in 2010, when Spain’s Constitutional Court struck down key parts of a groundbreaking charter that would have granted Catalonia greater autonomy and recognized it as a nation within Spain.

The rejection stung, and Spain’s 2008-2013 financial crisis and the harsh austerity measures that followed generated more support for secession, with many Catalans feeling they could do better on their own. Catalonia contributes a fifth of the country’s 1.1 trillion-euro economy ($1.32 trillion.)

This is what happens when multiculturalism is allowed to fester and grow. This is the globalist answer to the nation-state. When a nation stops enforcing the law, the borders, the culture at the national level.

Anyone can observe the same process here in the United States, with the complete abdication and retreat of the culture in the political process. Voting machines are in dozens of languages, we don’t demand English be spoken anymore, we allow businesses to cater to foreign citizens by promoting dual or triple languages on foodstuffs and other merchandise, and we can’t even build walls or defend our borders (but by God we will make Afghanistan and Iraq’s borders impenetrable). We obviously treat citizenship as a throwaway benefit, as we are on the cusp of granting 10-20 million foreign citizens here illegally who spit on our traditions, language, culture, and founding documents and principles.


As evidenced by the Democrat and Republican parties, along with the NFL, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the New York and Washington financial and political establishments, we have the entire upper class in this country who hate and despise the culture and its people. President Trump ran on making America a priority in all negotiations and policies… and these people acted like he wanted a rerun of the Third Reich.

The Left is now openly cheering for the destruction of history in the United States. It began with the Civil War memorials, it moved onto the founding fathers, and now we see that they mean the entire country’s heritage, including the flag, the anthem, and those who carry it on… its people.

This toxic combination will lead to the end of the United States. We see this being played out in Europe in real time. They have been on the path of multiculturalism for many years longer than the United States has been. There are secession movements all over the continent in dozens of countries with people who have shunned the nations of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, etc. and have reverted to an insular tribalism that will and is seeking to overthrow the governments installed by the central authorities in each of these countries.

When, not if, the same movement really starts to happen here in California and Florida and New York with the third world “communities” we’ve allowed to fester and take over large swaths of American territory, no one should be surprised. And the federal government will likely act in the same way the Spanish government is acting, they will try to strong arm the local government and force them to cease their efforts.

We shouldn’t blame the Catalonians for wanting independence now since this is happening after having decades of “enlightened” thinking brought on by the embracing of multiculturalism pouring into their collective cultural consciousness. They are acting exactly how a people without a strong national identity would act, they identify with each other in the tribe.

Globalists don’t seem to understand that people want to instinctively belong in groups. So far, the modern nation-state is the largest secular grouping that humans have been able to form. And when we as a society remove that glue that holds us together, humans return to the tribal groupings. When Americans lose their American identity, what is going to replace it? They become Blacks, Asians, Republicans, Democrats, Whites, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Masons, Atheists, Latinos, Californians, New Yorkers, Seattle-ites, etc.

Humans have lived that way for many millennia, does anyone really REALLY want to live in THAT world again?

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