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Since when is kneeling a strategy?

Remind me again why black professional football players are kneeling? I guess it has something to do with police violence against black people. These are athletes who are trained in developing plays to gain yardage or as a means of setting up the next play to move the ball forward. Kneeling doesn’t move the ball any where at any time so it must be to set up the next play.

As an exercise, players should come up to the line, kneel down, and wait for the snap to see what happens. Just to be fair, both sides of the ball should take their shot at it to see how effective kneeling is in a game setting. Give it a chance so do it for an entire quarter.

The “discussion” they think the country should have we already agree on which is that any unjustified action by a police office should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Here’s that pesky law bit again. Doesn’t it seem rather silly to be protesting officers being found innocent in situations where the dead person was caught in a criminal act?

Well, these people are earning quite a bit of money so they have to be smarter than this! It must be to set something else up. What might that be?


There isn’t any something else!

As far as I can tell, they want the entire country to agree to something we already agree with but to be outraged when a criminal is killed by a police office in the performance of their duties. Sorry. I don’t do the outraged thing and I’m particularly not outraged when a criminal is killed.

The part that really annoys me is that I can think of a whole lot of ways to use their celebrity and if their cause is reducing the number of blacks killed by police officers, I’m all for that!

Just DO SOMETHING other than kneeling down for heaven’s sake! Figure out some real tangible way to affect change in police relations with the black community if that’s what you want! Here’s one for you, Mr. Kaepernick. Why don’t you do ride alongs with the police? I’m pretty sure you could personally save some lives. Can you imagine if the cops pulled up to the scene and said “would you like to have us arrest you or would you rather I have Colin Kaepernick come out of the back of my car and sign autographs?”

Make sure to bring along a film crew. There’s bound to be some great video. This would be one reality show I’d watch particularly if you and a couple of your kneeling buds had to duck a few pot shots along the way. That’s good video! I’m not suggesting you actually eat a bullet for the show but a good look of terror from having seen your life flash before your eyes is Emmy material.

Please DO SOMETHING! I have no respect for people who don’t walk the talk or, in this instance, the kneeling. Stand up and take a stand where you have to put some actual skin in the game for criminy sake!

I’m pretty sure there’s isn’t an expression like “I’m going to change the world by kneeling down.” I suppose you could be using Mahatma Gandhi’s approach of non-violence but I doubt Gandhi would have made it very long in the NFL:


You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty. . .


uhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . .

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