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Sebastian Gorka and Sarah Palin support Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama


Kassam noted that Gorka remained staunchly and outspokenly loyal to President Trump after leaving the White House, but now, he has joined a coalition that seeks to help Roy Moore win the Alabama Senate primary over the candidate Trump endorsed, Luther Strange.

“I’ve said again and again and again, I said in my resignation letter that is up at Breitbart, the president is being served by people who are giving him the wrong advice,” Gorka said.

“That’s why Steve and myself left the building, so we can get the agenda back on track,” he said, referring to former White House strategist and fellow Breitbart alumnus Steve Bannon. “I joined the Make America Great Again Coalition, that’s, to assist him as I promised, from the outside.”

“That’s why we’re going to Montgomery tomorrow, to Alabama,” he explained. “I’m going to be on the stage with Gov. Sarah Palin, and we’re going to support the candidate who isn’t being supported by Mitch McConnell. We’re going to support the candidate who is anti-Establishment, anti-RINO, just as the president truly is. We’ve got to put the pressure on, even when the president is getting bad advice, because the stakes are just too high.”

Gorka said those stakes include nothing less than “the founding principles of this republic being systematically undermined and the perpetuation of a permanent political class.”

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