Saudi Preacher Says Women Shouldn’t Drive Since their Brains are 1/4 the Size of a Man’s

Our allies from Saudi Arabia have a public service announcement, the roads in America are populated by humans driving with half of the brain a man has, and it is even worse when they are thinking about shopping… then they only have a quarter!

Isn’t the woman’s brain less than that of a man?

Yes it is… And no harm in that as long as the woman is a good Muslim.

Because the woman was created like that.

The proof is that the testimony of two women in Islam is equal to that of one man.

As the prophet told us… As the prophet told us…

So, her brain is less.

What would happen if the road safety authority found out that a man only has half a brain.

Would that man get a driver license?

How would a woman then get a driver license when she only has half a brain!

And when a woman goes shopping, she will lose half of her half-brain.

So how much brain would be left in her?

Only quarter a brain will remain. No way she will get a driver-license with that quarter of a brain.

We demand the traffic authority to be accurate.

A woman is not fit to drive because she only has a quarter of a brain.


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Written by NWC

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