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Ohio State Rep Tells Students That Speech Is Not Violence

Good for him, though he should be prepared for the flurry of hate that will no doubt be coming his way from the special snowflakes:

Brenner also wants to eliminate the so-called “heckler’s veto” by prohibiting universities from cancelling a speaker based on the potential reaction from students or community members, telling NBC4 that while neo-Nazis “should be arrested and thrown into jail” if they engage in violence, they “have a right to also stand there, whether I agree with them or not, and say their rhetoric or whatever they want to spew.”

“College is a transformative time for Ohio students,” Goodman noted during the press event. “A free and open exchange of speech and ideas is critical to ensuring that our students have the most meaningful and impactful education experience in a way that prepares them to be active and engaged citizens in our republic.”

Goodman also addressed concerns that the law would lead to violence, saying it is incumbent upon colleges to provide for the safety of students, but not to shield them from potentially unwelcome viewpoints.

“What they do not have a duty to do, is to protect [students] from speech and free expression,” he pointed out, adding that “We need to have a real debate in this state and in this country that speech is not violence; that expression is not violence; that violence is violence.”

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