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OH YES: Evil Clown Sightings Return in Israel

The most important news story of 2016 has finally resurfaced, my friends. Forget Trump. Forget Obamacare. Forget the GOP tax plan. Forget the destruction of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Forget social justice warriors.

Creepy clowns are finally back to “haunt” you, albeit in Israel:

Mysterious clowns have been seen lurking in the streets of the northern Israeli town of Afula and residents don’t think it’s funny.

In fact,  many are terrified.

Social networks and WhatsApp groups in the town have been buzzing over recent days with parents discussing reports and rumors about mysterious clowns loitering on streets after dark.

One mother wrote, “My children are hysterical over this whole story,” according to the local Emek News site.

Many speculated that Afula’s clowns had been inspired by the horror movie “It” based on a Stephen King novel and featuring Pennywise, the dancing clown.

Police said they are looking into it, but face paint and red noses are not crime.

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