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Obama EPA chief who used fake email complains about Trump transparency

From the Washington Times:

Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who used a secret email alias during her time at the agency, lashed out Tuesday at the Trump administration for destroying the agency’s credibility by being “non-transparent.”

Ms. Jackson, who is now a senior executive at computer giant Apple, said new Administrator Scott Pruitt and the rest of the new leadership have betrayed what she said was a decades-long bipartisan commitment.

EPA’s been run by Democrats and by Republicans, but it’s never, in its history, 40-plus years old, been run by someone who seems to be determined to do the one thing that could destroy its credibility, which is to make it non-transparent,” she said. “Every EPA administrator has committed to trying to regulate transparently, and we don’t have that commitment anymore.”

She didn’t say what that change in commitment was.

Ms. Jackson was President Obama’s first EPA administrator and had a rocky tenure at the agency, leaving in early 2013 just as investigators were probing her and her top lieutenants for using private or secret email addresses to do government business.

In Ms. Jackson’s case, she used the alias “Richard Windsor” for her official EPA email account — including at one point pretending to be her own assistant in order to fool a would-be emailer.

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