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NYT Columnist: North Korea has great pizza and live music!

New York Times uber-leftist columnist Nicholas Kristof is touring Kim Jong-Un’s Magic Kingdom and reporting on  the often overlooked fun side of North Korea:

Liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is reporting from North Korea and sharing photos on social media of school children, food and the “fun” he is witnessing in the rogue country.

Kristof began tweeting and posting photos to Instagram on Tuesday and he said he has interviewed government officials and toured “a side of the country that doesn’t always come through.”


In another photo from North Korea, a country that has long faced food shortages resulting in a largely starved population, Kristof showed a meal he was having.

“Lunch in Pyongyang, North Korea, at a pizza restaurant with live music,” the caption said.

Trump is making The Left Literally Insane.

Blogger T. Beckett Adams grand slam’s this one:

What do you suppose it’s like, being the kind of guy who Instagrams his pizza in a country where the people are literally starving to death?


(A tip of the Uncle Bruno hat to Instapundit.)


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