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NFL Players Now “Protesting” On the Field

The NFL had a chance to nip this in the bud by coming down hard on Kaepernick when he first began “protesting” America by refusing to respect the national anthem, but they were too interested in virtue-signalling and impressing their fellow liberals. In several surveys, such as this one, it was confirmed that these anti-USA protests were the main cause of the NFL ratings drop of last year.

Unfortunately, because the NFL seems to approve of these protests and can’t bring itself to crack down on them, they’ve spread and are continuing to alienate their audience:

The NFL would prefer the players’ now-ubiquitous protests take a back seat to the action this season, but it looks like the league won’t get its wish.

If anything, the players seem ready to take their social critique beyond sitting during the national anthem.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who is among the ranks of NFL players to sit during the anthem, celebrated a sack Sunday afternoon with a single raised fist.

While the NFL battles declining ratings and a negative perception surrounding the anthem protests, the league office can’t be excited to see players moving their demonstrations to the field of play.

Don’t be surprised if more fans shut the TV off in disgust. These overpaid millionaires, after all, are “protesting” their own country and their own audience.

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