Disgusting Michael Rapaport Thinks It’s Fun to Bully Melania Trump

michael rapaport melania trump

There are two things in this world that I cannot abide-hypocrites, and stupid people. Actor Michael Rapaport is the worst of both worlds. Rapaport decided it would be fun to take to YouTube to “respond” to Melania Trump’s speech on cyberbullying at a United Nations luncheon yesterday. I put “respond” in quotes because Rapaport’s unhinged raving was about as vile an attack on the First Lady as you could possibly get. Michael Rapaport screamed at the First Lady to “speak English,” and referred to her as a “stripper” multiple times.

I refuse to play Rapaport’s insane rant, but if you want you can listen to it here.  Be warned it is very NSFW.

Here’s my (NSFW) respond to this “gentleman.”

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