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LIVE: Trump’s Speech to the UN General Assembly

Yesterday, Trump told the UN General Assembly that they have been mismanaging their organization and have become a bloated bureaucracy. He focused in on the huge staffing and budget increases since 2000 that have brought little actual results to their stated goals:

“Yet in recent years the UN has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement while the United Nation’s regular budget has increased by 140 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2000,” he said. “We are not seeing results in line with this investment.”

Trump today is going to push for sovereignty of the memberships and deride the top down structure of the organization, in direct opposition to previous presidencies, especially the Obama administration.

Breitbart has some more information 0n the upcoming speech as Trump, in addition for calling for sovereignty, he will also demand reforms of the United Nations. These reforms are also supported by Secretary-General Guterres of the UN.

There is of course a lot of angst among the UN over Trump potentially cutting their contributions, forcing them to lower their standard of living (!).


Quelle horreur!

Many U.N. officials and agencies have expressed skepticism about Trump’s “America First” strategy, and have been particularly spooked by proposals that would significantly cut U.S. financial contributions to the U.N.

This is the stick that Trump is going to beat them with. I for one hope that we end up cutting them off the US money spigot in either case.

Right Side Broadcasting will start the live stream shortly:

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