Watch Liberals Get Wrecked by the Rocket Man!

rocket man

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission!”

The harsh words of President Donald J. Trump echoed throughout the halls of the United Nations on Tuesday. In his first speech to the UN General Assembly as President, Donald Trump called out North Korea’s dictator. Before the assembled world leaders Trump made a solemn vow: to completely and utterly destroy the Kim regime if he attacked the United States or its allies. Trump addressed Kim Jong Un by his nickname, Rocket Man, adding further insult to injury. Red-blooded Americans everywhere stood up and cheered. Finally we have a president willing to stand up for America again!

Liberals, of course, were totally triggered by Rocket Man.

How bad was it?

You’ll just have to watch to find out!

Don’t forget to catch President Trump’s speech to the UN if you missed it.

Find out what Her Thighness Hillary Clinton thought of Rocket Man.

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