Disgusting! Liberals Ecstatic As Irma Terrorizes St. Martin

Irma st martin 2

Hurricane Irma smashed into the Caribbean island of St. Martin as the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic. Reports trickling out of the island indicate that there is widespread destruction. It’s very possible that the island is completely destroyed. Decent human beings across the region offer their prayers and support to the island while simultaneously bracing for Irma’s impact on their own shores.

Liberals, however, couldn’t be happier. They are positively ecstatic that St. Martin has been destroyed. In fact, they’ve been giddily gloating about Irma’s trail of destruction all day.

Why? What could possibly cause such vile scum to cheer the death and suffering of so many people?

The answer will shock and appall you. Within this video lies the proof that liberals are evil, vile, disgusting people.


Just when I think that I’ve seen all the terrible things the Left is capable of, they go and prove me wrong.  It’s true what they say-liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

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Written by Radius

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