Hurricane Irma Commenter Updates Thread

Hurricane Irma Satellite
In this geocolor image GOES-16 satellite image taken Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, at 11:45 UTC, sunlight, from the right, illuminates Hurricane Irma as the storm approaches Cuba and Florida. Cuba evacuated tourists from beachside resorts and Floridians emptied stores of plywood and bottled water after Hurricane Irma left at least 20 people dead and thousands homeless on a devastated string of Caribbean islands and spun toward Florida for what could be a catastrophic blow this weekend. (NOAA via AP)

Good afternoon everyone. I’ve set aside this article for those who are stuck in the path of hurricane Irma. If you want to update the readers and fellow commenters here, this is the place to do it.

So this is an open thread of sorts.

Please keep the well wishing and the sympathies out of the comment section, I will be deleting them.

Again this is just for people to give information about the Hurricane and to update everyone on your status.

Please refrain from posting in the open thread about your situation, people are not going to be able to go back through a 1000 comment long comment section to find your status.

This post will be updated on pertinent information as the day goes on.

Hurricane Irma Impact

Hurricane Irma Gusts

Updates on Hurricane Irma from CNN:

Currently, the eye is expected to hit Florida sometime tonight/tomorrow morning:

Hurricane Irma’s strong winds and outer rain bands lashed the Florida Keys on Saturday, as the Category 3 storm pushed toward the state amid dire warnings of devastating gales, heavy rain and potentially deadly storm surge.

With sustained winds down to 125 mph, Irma continued to batter Cuba. The storm was expected to re-strengthen and bring hurricane conditions by Saturday night to southern and central Florida, the National Hurricane Center said.

Irma’s eye was due to strike part of the Florida Keys early Sunday morning before driving up the state’s southwestern coast toward Tampa Bay by Sunday afternoon, according to the hurricane center.

As much as 20 inches of rain was predicted through Wednesday across the Florida peninsula and southeast Georgia.

“(The core) is forecast right now to still go through the lower keys, not quite to Key West, and then on up to Naples, on up to Cape Coral, with a Category 4 wind of 140 mph,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said earlier Saturday.

By Saturday at noon, it was too late for residents to leave specified evacuation zones in southwestern Florida, Gov. Rick Scott said hours earlier.

“The storm is here,” he said. “This is a deadly storm, and our state has never seen anything like it.”

A major worry, Scott said, was the storm surge, which is like a sustained high tide that can cause devastating flooding. Even as Irma aimed for Florida’s western coast, Florida’s eastern coastline remained in severe danger from storm-surge flooding, forecasters warned.

Florida’s southwest coast, from Cape Sable to Captiva, could see “catastrophic” storm surge flooding of 10 to 15 feet, the hurricane center warned.


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