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Hillary Self-Denial Is The Left’s Status Quo

There is an old saying that goes like this: “the worst kind of blind is the one that does not want to see”… and there’s another one that goes “you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink”…

Hillary Clinton is now on a signing tour for her newest book, as you all know, called “What Happened” – and she’s already giving her “fans” more of the same and showing them she really doesn’t give a cr*p about people.

The book continues her quest to show the world that her loss was everyone’s fault but hers. She might be running out of other people to blame – after all, it’s not just the deplorables – everyone on her own side is now seen as not having done enough to get her elected, and it is rubbing Democrats in the wrong way. Seeing her as a nuisance, there are quite a few people close to her or to the previous administration saying off the record (perhaps for fearing for their own life?) that they wish she would just shut up and go away forever. Lots of us on the right think the contrary –  as Rush said today in his show, “I hope she just continues doing what she is doing!”

But one thing Democrats in general are not realizing is that while it’s true that she is not helping their cause, she actually still fits right in with progressives in this country: she is unable to honestly self-evaluate. If she did, she could easily come up with a lot of things that she could have done differently to win this election, not least among them focusing on middle America and what regular working people care about, instead of just the pet causes of the coastal elites – but then she probably wouldn’t have been the Democratic candidate. Here’s a good example of how bad their self denial is: Rahm Emanuel, another far-left democrat (but I repeat myself…) had a little moment of clarity after the election when he realized that maybe it’s not guaranteed that Democrats will always will win elections “by default” because all their motives are pure and all their goals are right. Yes Rahm, it is not smart to think that, but lots of Democrats think like that anyway. So after that apparent sign of self-enlightenment, you would think that he would say “maybe we should re-think our motives”, “maybe our goals aren’t shared most of America”, or even “hey, let’s have a look at what actually is important to the people”… and you would be wrong. His conclusion, of course, is that all their motives are pure and all their goals are right – they just lost because they didn’t play the game of politics right this time.

Going back to Hillary, she will probably continue rambling on about how this election was just robbed from her. To us on the right it will be about as amusing as seeing Uncle Rico talking about what could have been in the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

While it’s not true that none Hillary’s loss is her own fault – she certainly has to be one of the worst candidates in US history – it is also true that she is not the only one to blame. The motives and goals that were rejected in the last election are probably more true to what the Democratic party stands for, than to what she herself believes. After all, in the last couple of years, especially after almost losing the nomination to Bernie Sanders if it wasn’t for a lot of help from the Democratic establishment, she has had to change her views quite a bit to conform to the Democratic party’s book of rules. And that book of rules was, as much as the candidate herself, rejected by the majority of Americans in this past election. But Hillary and the Democrats couldn’t possibly ever admit that that’s “what happened.”

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