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FEMA Director Slams San Juan Mayor: ‘We’ve Been Here a Week and She’s Refused to Visit Us’

FEMA’s Director went on the Democrat propaganda news network CNN and stated point blank, in nicer terms, that the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico is lying. They have been there for over a week, they have the supplies sitting in the ports and the mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, would rather go on the fake news CNN in place of doing her job.

The FEMA Director defended the President’s tweets, which earlier today he was receiving much derision and criticism from the political class for “blowing away the goodwill” that he gained from Harvey and Irma.

Unlike President George W Bush, President Donald Trump is laying the blame squarely where it should be laid, at the feet of the completely corrupt (again… surprise! They are Democrats) local officials. Like the Democrat activist posing as the mayor of San Juan.

And the FEMA Director agreed. Here is the video:

The mayor also admitted that she was GIVEN the shirt by CNN.

Likely, Anderson Cooper coached her to deliver pre-scripted lines for the camera as well. CNN obviously is trying to help the media establish a narrative that Trump is ignoring Puerto Rico being hit by a massive hurricane. Just like the NFL-Media narrative that has thoroughly blown up in the Left’s faces, this is also about ready to pop too.

Now it is being reported that massive amounts of aid and supplies are being kept in the ports because the Teamster’s Union for the truckers is demanding a pay increase or these supplies rot. Here we go again with these stupid unions putting their members pay and benefits over the lives and welfare of others. Is it time to put them all out of work?

Exit Question: How bad have things gotten when we have Geraldo Rivera to coming out and criticizing the pathetic and ghoulish efforts of the Left to politicize the hurricane response just to get an attack in at President Trump?

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