Have You Ever Wondered What Turns A Liberal On?

My4WordTurnOn liberal

Have you ever wondered just what turns liberals on? I’d wager you haven’t. In fact, I’m betting that most people haven’t. Nor would they wish to delve that deep into the twisted liberal psyche.

The twits of Twitter, however, found out exactly what turns liberals on. #My4WordTurnOn trended Saturday morning, and liberals turned out in droves to share their various kinks. Or rather, the one kink that all of them happen to share.

Do you want to find out what that disturbing kink is? Watch this mildly NSFW video and prepare to be shocked.

What’s that?  You don’t want to give the Google/YouTube monopoly any more clicks than necessary?  Check out the Kaiju Conservative on Bitchute.  Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe.  Maybe share it around a bit as well.

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