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BREAKING MAGA: Frank, the 11 Year Old will mow White House Lawn on Friday

Just announced by Sara Huckabee, Frank, the 11 year old kid from Falls Church Virginia will be mowing the White House lawn on Friday.

If you remember, last month Frank wrote President Trump offering his services on mowing the lawn.

From Green Industry Pros

Sanders read a letter from a then-10-year-old, who since turned 11, named Frank, who wrote that he has been mowing his neighbors’ lawns in nearby Falls Church, Virginia.

“It would be my honor to mow the White House lawn for some weekend for you. Even though I’m only 10, I’d like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for,” Frank wrote in the letter.

Sanders said Frank attached the flyer for his lawn-mowing business and offered to bring along extra supplies for treating the White House lawn. She then invited Frank to spend a morning at the White House and to mow the lawn in the Rose Garden, and said President Trump told her that Frank was “doing a great job.”

Now we can expect the liberal community to go nuts because President Trump will have violated Child Labor Laws, and also denied an illegal alien a job.

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