BREAKING: ICE arrests over 450 during Operation ‘Safe City’

ICE announced today the arrests of 498 individuals from 42 countries for federal immigration violations in multiple cities across the U.S. ICE targeted so-called sanctuary cities where ICE deportation officers are denied access to jails and prisons to interview suspected immigration violators or jurisdictions where ICE detainers are not honored.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration,” said ICE Acting Director Tom Homan. “As a result, ICE is forced to dedicate more resources to conduct at-large arrests in these communities.”

Operation Safe City arrests took place in Baltimore (28), Cook County, Illinois (30), Denver (63), Los Angeles (101), New York (45), Philadelphia (107), Portland, Ore. (33), Santa Clara County, Calif (27); and Washington, D.C. (14) and the state of Massachusetts (50).

Let’s take a quick sampling from Twitter from our friends on the left:

Announcement filled w fear tactics, misleading #s & divisive language to peddle Trump’s lie that immigrants are “rapists & murderers.” 3/

If you see ICE at courthouses, near schools send up a flare via whatever way possible. These people are neighbors and friends.

Pretty sure the “sanctuary city” I reside in will probably not tolerate, and will probably resist the actions of increased ICE agents.

The Mayor of Denver is mad about all of this:

The office of Mayor Michael Hancock said it was not made aware of the ICE sweep, and pushed back at some of the agency’s claims that Denver is a “sanctuary city.”

Well, Mr. Mayor, if it quacks like a duck . . .

By the way, no DACA recipients were caught up in this sweep. I knew you were worried about that.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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As NWC has said -- "Doing the work not even illegal Mexicans would do."

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