Book of Trump Chapter 30

1. The Wrath of Kek, unleashed on a confused Nation!

2. For behold, great phenomenas have been thrust onto this Nation, that wreaketh havoc upon her people, and heartbreak for many.

3. For storms basheth against the shores of Texas, and great flooding on the land not seen before , and great was the media laughter, for they loveth trauma on the people of this Nation, that they may profit from it.

4. But yea, Texans had other ideas. Verily verily I say unto you: That Texans refuteth the storm and the media, and stood strong despite the destruction visited upon them.

5. Yea,  they showeth the Praetorian Media what America is truly about, for they helpeth one another in times of need regardless of color. Yea, they loveth their fellow man, unlike the media darling Antifa who have nothing but hate.

6. And one lady of color rebuketh the media for their lack of help and their only want of catching peoples’ lives that are laid to waste. And great was the power of her words.

7. And the Navy of the Cajuns runneth forth into battle, to save who they could. They spendeth their own money to help people they don’t know. And it causeth the media to mourn that their narrative faileth.

8. Because black helpeth white, and white helpeth black. Yea, all colors helpeth one another,  and lendeth a friendly hand to those in need.

9. And Trump appeareth twice in Texas to bolster support for the people, who loveth his presence.

10. And the people of this Nation poureth help into Texas and it continueth on.

11. But yea, a darkness come forth with DACA, which was rescinded, yet delayed and causeth trouble in the land again, and he punteth it to Congress to deal with properly.  And there are several debates as to why and it is contentious, so the Gloater will not comment, only to say there was anger and disbelief.

12. Suddenly, a great upheaval politically! For Trump dealeth with the Democrats instead of Republicans for funding to help Texas! Yea, Trump chastiseth the Republicans for their lack of work to help Americans, and their slotfullness, and dealeth with Democrats to belittle, ye, to burn the GOP bitch down some, because they draggeth their feet.

13. And Irma lurketh, and crept closer.

14. And when she landed,  her vengeance was unleashed on tiny islands in the sea, and great was the devastation. She taketh no prisoners, and wipeth the land clean.  And great is the consternation because no one knoweth for sure where she goeth.

15. For their have been many predictions, and many  failures as she confuseth many and has a mind of her own, and she creepeth towards Florida and many leave.

16. And great is the expectation of her power, and many buildings will be destroyed no matter what path. Many Spartans standeth in her path,  and many will keep them in their prayers.

17. But yet another, Jose, will bash the tiny islands, but is espceted to turn away from the Nation, as he faileth the obtain a green card, and was turned away.  But yea, he mighteth sneak to the borders still, so a wary eye must be kept on him.

18. And a great Earthquake striketh Mexico and great was the damage from that. Yea, this part of the Earth is in turmoil to try the heart of Man.

19. But yea, Irma is at the door, and ready to enter. But the people of this Nation will rise up. Out of destruction, beauty. Out of violence, peace. And the nature of the people will rise up once again to run through the Refiners Fire, to be purified after the trial.

20. The power of this Nation will come forth to protect her own and rebuild.

21. Out of carnage, calm.  Out of despair, hope. Out of bewilderment, Peace. Out of chaos, riseth the Human Spirit.

22. Bring forth your fury Nature. We bringeth our Indomitable Will.


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