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Ben Carson’s 3 ‘R’s for improving HUD



Carson’s 3 Rs: Reimagine, restore, and rethink.

Carson said his plan is the culmination of seven months of “investigating which HUD initiatives work best.”

And he was able to boil them down to three:

  • Reimagine: Carson wrote those are “internal and process-based.”
  • Restore: “The best bulwark against poverty is a strong economy with plentiful jobs and abundant affordable housing,” Carson wrote.
  • Rethink: “Help our beneficiaries reach prosperity and self-sufficiency,” Carson wrote.

“This doesn’t mean taking assistance away from those who need HUD — it means doing our job so well that fewer and fewer people require our assistance,” Carson wrote. “But for those families who might always need someone to lean on, including the elderly and disabled, HUD will be there for them.”

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