Are we or aren’t we? Racist that is.

When discussing this NFL issue, the first thing people should do is go back and look at the original act of protest. How did this whole thing start? It started with the premise that cops all over America are institutionally racist and are killing Blacks indiscriminately. That is of course, a lie. The numbers, facts and official stats just don’t back it up. “Hands up, don’t shoot!” was a lie perpetrated by the media before one fact came to light. When the trial occurred, the truth came out. Barely reported was the correction of the lies, only “Cop found not guilty.” Several other high-profile incidents followed the same motive of instant guilt that turned out to be wrong.

We’re at the point in out Country where 70% of the NFL (and other sports as well) is Black. Millionaires all…but we are apparently still discriminatory. Where we elected a Black man as President twice…but we are apparently still discriminatory. Black Comedians, News Reports, Actors, Singers, Professors, and on and on…but we are apparently still discriminatory. In fact, minorities in this country are given preferential treatment by the government in almost every way possible…but, yeah…you know the drill.

Since the 60’s and Jim Crow, perhaps longer, our country has “legislated out” every possible business and gov’t form of even a minutely discriminatory act. In other words, it’s impossible to have institutional racism. There is none. It doesn’t happen. I believe that all overtly racist acts, and there are some, are completely the responsibility of lone individuals. To cry about these acts as being somehow the fault of a racist system is ludicrous. But the business of grievance and past discrimination gives rise to the call that “Since it happened before, it’s happening now!” Simple minds indeed.

Adding fuel to this is a liberal media that can’t go one minute into any broadcast without pointing to someone, somewhere having a racial grievance and you would think that we were the most racist country in the world. In fact, that is the thought process of millions of people who can’t actually think about things for themselves. And don’t think only Americans think this. Ask our oversees brothers and sisters and you will see that they eat these lies up as well.

So here we are once again at the end of a trail of lies. Now blown out of proportion and fed by mindless fools who want to show the world how caring they are by calling their country racist. While everyone has the right to believe what they want, say what they want and even do what they want, we the people, the actual “REAL OWNERS of the NFL” also have the right to call BS and make them pay the price for their stupidity. Because ultimately, the whole premise is a lie. And anyone who thinks that coinciding an act of protest DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM is a good idea, I have news for you: You will pay the price.

Jack Crabb

Written by Jack Crabb

Jack Crabb is a nine-year Navy Veteran and resident of the Piedmont area of Central Virginia. He makes his way in life through hard work, personal responsibility and a desire to live in a simple way. He enjoys cooking, shooting, working on cars and most of all, enjoying time with the love of his life.


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