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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #47 – Total Eclipse Edition

I hope you have all had a good week, despite the media and the Left’s constant attempts to ‘gaslight’ you into thinking that “MAGA” is doomed along with Trump. Of course, I know there are a few here who gave up on Trump long ago instead of taking what you can get but if you’re going to be a Debbie Downer all the time(and ignore all of the really good things that ARE happening, such as the economy), I can’t help you. Besides, there are other things in life to look at apart from ALLPOLITICSALLTHETIME, which is why we have these threads. And of course there are other events like that eclipse you probably have heard about. Let’s game!

What are you playing this week?

I spent a bit more time on Splatoon 2, finally checking out the Salmon Run wave-based mode. As far as wave based play goes, I have really liked it. It keeps a strong pace and randomizes certain elements (such as what gun you start with) to keep it “fresh” as the game likes to say. I just wish that the game overall had more maps and would cycle through four an hour instead of two. Other games I have spent some time on were Star Trek pinball, my Space Riders pinball (working on a couple of things to fix it) and rediscovering the only good Windows 3.1 game I ever played, Castle Of The Winds (link to the game at

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Nintendo Switch Continues To Lay The Smackdown On The PS4 In Japan (XB1 can’t be found for comment)

Mass Effect Andromeda No Longer Getting Single Player Updates/Content – SJW space adventuring hardest hit

Sonic Mania Getting Great Reviews – So Let’s Make Edible (Cheesy) Gold Rings – OK, this is more of a food headline but whatever

Sega Announces Yakuza 6 Release (March 20th, 2018) & Premium Edition (PS4) – For the true Yakuza fan

New Details On Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (3DS)

20XX Is The Mega Man Game That Mighty No. 9 Backers Really Wanted

Looking For Something Violent On The Switch? Try Butcher – Reminds me a little of the DOS Game Abuse

Shenmue 3 Finds A Worldwide Publisher

ARTDINK’s Legend Pack Brings More Games From The 80s & 90s To Your PC

The Taito WOWOW, Their Game Console That Never Was


You Can Now Pre-Order An Xbox One XIf you are so inclined. I still don’t see what the point is since they have succeeded in making this a set-top box version of a mid-range PC and no exclusives but I’m sure they’ll sell a few units at launch. For the true Xbox superfan, you can order the PS2-looking Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition for the same price, just with no games. They should have made the machine look like the original Xbox instead of just the box…that would have been a nicer touch (and why not throw a few original Xbox games for free as digital goodies?)

No comment needed:

Hey, Let’s Retconn JRR Tolkien! – That’s apparently what the creators of the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of War have decided is a great idea. Of course, retconning is so hot right now, since that’s what you do when you can’t cook up something original on your own. Besides, what did that old codger who spent decades of his life in designing the characters with specific motivations and meanings know anyways? I have a feeling that the Tolkien estate might force a change here but for the moment, the upcoming LOTR game has retconned Shelob the spider into a shapeshifting woman and Gollum is the real hero of the story…or something.

Pokemon DX Commercial (SW) – I wonder if the game will get a “second wind” with showing up on a much more popular platform than the WiiU turned out to be. Here’s a new commercial to promote the upcoming release:

SNK Posting The King Of Fighters: Destiny Episodes To Youtube – Unfortunately YT remains the primary content source for web videos and so companies like SNK are naturally going to put content like this on those platforms. But if you are really into the KOF series, you can check out these animated videos that serve as the backstory to that arcade game. The playlist for new Episodes is here.

Darkwood Launches (PC) – As we creep towards Halloween, expect to see more spooky games to come along. Although the video game business doesn’t worry about launching everything during the month of October like Hollywood tends to do; this one has also been in Steam Early Access for a while now. If you are into survival-horror and top-down game mechanics, Darkwood might fill-in that void; from user reviews, it sounds like they nailed the audio package to produce that unsettling feeling that horror entertainment aims for..particularly if you play it in the dark and with headphones on 😛

Homebrew Of The Week – Tobende Tanz Tomaten (Nintendo Wii) – Yep, that’s right…a new game for the Nintendo Wii. Although from watching how it plays, it isn’t exactly up my alley but in case you need something new to keep the ol’ Wii machine company:

Technology Headlines

Hurray Electronic Voting Machines

Intel’s Coffee Lake Line-up Leaks Out

Making Stronger Spider Webs By Exposing Spiders To Graphene – So, what happens if you expose Spider-Man to graphene, eh?

The ISS Receives A Cosmic Ray Observatory

BitCoin Going To Fork Again – How many times can you stick a fork into cryptocurrency?

Tips For Fixing A Broken Touchpad – Happened to me recently; no idea why you need to have a Fn to shut it off.

New Security/Emergency Features Coming To iOS 11

Genetic Engineering The Next Generation Of Super Athletes – Khaaaaan!

Restaurants Paying Hipsters To Stand Outside Of Their Venues To Generate Buzz


US Begins NAFTA Re-Negotiations & Cracks Down On China Trade Dumping – Just a friendly reminder that things are moving forward on fixing/dumping bad trade deals and the administration is finally starting to punch back on China’s bad behavior. One area that we are hitting them on now (that should have been done looong ago) involves customs fraud. There was also the major issue of launching a Section 301 trade infringement investigation into China, but that was lost in all of the Other Noise that the media would prefer that you listen to this week. Here’s a link to the Section 301 text in case you were wondering…just sitting there collecting dust for all these years. These are both technological and economic factors that are worth paying attention to as it will shape the progress of both factors in the years to come.

The Elgato Stream Deck – After a review popped up in PC World, I’ve been seeing some talk about the Elgato Stream Deck so let’s share here. It simplifies the video stream switching process at the touch of a button. Seems pretty good if you are into streaming gameplay or other ‘live’ content:

Glass Shotgun Slugs – Speaking of bringing the pain, albeit in a more physical sense, glass shotgun slugs. I recall the first ‘unique’ slug I saw when younger was a shell that contained tacks.

TIKAD, The Future Drone Soldier – As we’re on the subject, how about a drone that can carry a sniper rifle or even a grenade launcher? That’s what Duke Robotics is working towards…a flying version of Johnny 5, amirite?

Tech History – Rare and Unusual Tapes – Since we’re living in the days of 1984 and everything the Left decides they don’t like is up for some banning, let’s enjoy some history. Particularly involving magnetic tape storage. The first part gets into one of the first in-flight entertainment systems:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Eclipse NASA feed – In case you have to be inside at work, school or wherever, you can watch NASA’s coverage of the eclipse here:

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