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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #46 – Witch Burners Edition

As a note, the Featured Image is from The Witcher 3, since that kind of applies to the post title 😉

What Are You Playing This Week?

Not a whole lot for me apart from the usual – a little God Eater 2 Rage Burst(PC), a little more Splatoon 2 (finally hit lvl 7), some Hyrule Warriors and I finally fixed my Atari Space Riders pinball machine after having picked it up almost a year ago (it was near death so it took a while to source the proper repairs; Atari’s pinball machines were never as popular as Bally/Gottlieb/Stern/etc). Pins from that era don’t play with quite the same excitement as they do these days but they are still fun in their own way. Had to give it a few tries to make sure that everything was working of course.

Gaming Headlines

The Nintendo Switch Will Have More Exclusives In 9 Months Than The Xbox One Has Had In 2 Years – WTG there Microsoft

Gamevice Sues Nintendo Over Switch & Joy-Con Design – Good luck with that, douchetrolls

Atari Announces Tempest 4000 For “PC And Consoles” – If there’s one game Jeff Minter really knows how to make, it is Tempest.

(Non)Surprise – Blizzard Launching Goolag-esque “Diversity & Inclusion Initiative” – Opinions welcome as long as they Comply & Conform(tm)

Beetle Uprising, A New RTS About Beetles (PC) – Alllllll Righty Then(tm)

Raid: World War II Launching This Fall (PC, PS4, XB1…maybe SW) – In case you can’t get enough WW2

Trailer For ARPG Nine Parchments (SW) – Could use fewer expo logos and more gameplay

Sony To Showcase Latest Games & News At Paris Games Week In October

WWE 2K18 First Footage Shows Graphics Improvements Over Previous Edition (PS4, SW, XB1)

Six Arrested In CA For Counterfeiting Pac-Man & Other Games

Canned PS4 Game Gnomageddon Involved Multiplayer Gnome Battles

Next Battletech Pushed Back To 2018 – You have to scroll down a little ways to see that piece of news

Chuck E. Cheeses Classing It Up To Become Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria & Games


Sonic Mania Animated Intro (PC, PS4, SW, XB1) – Sega released this animated intro this past week to promote the upcoming release of Sonic Mania, which is available tomorrow. There’s plenty of fan service going on with the game and this certainly hits that mark if you recall the history of Sonic:

Sudden Strike 4 Available Now (PC, PS4) – If you are looking for an RTS based in WW2 times then the latest Sudden Strike should be able to scratch that itch:

X-Morph: Defense Releases Aug. 30th (PC, PS4, XB1) – Here is a title that blends tower defense strategy with twin-stick shooter action inside of a nice physics engine with battles from around the world.

No Man’s Sky Receives Major “Atlas Rises” Update – A year after one of 2016’s most refunded games was launched, the game is receiving an update that adds a 30 hr. storyline, improvements to the existing storyline, a basic co-op multiplayer mode (supporting up to 16 players), fast travel portals to revisit sites and an undiscovered mission generator among various other things. Reactions seem mixed to it so far but if it is a game you still own or fire up then I imagine it is all welcome:

Homebrew of the Week: Angula (Atari 2600) – Atari enthusiast website AtariAge recently posted a number of new games for sale, covering the 2600, 5200 and 7800 game consoles. The 2600 has the most new titles that you can buy on cartridge if you so desire (as usual, the system attracts the most homebrew interest amidst the Fuji crowd) including this new adventure game called Angula. Aiming for a Zelda-like formula, this achieves that better than Secret Quest managed.

Technology Headlines

Tesla Funds Model 3 Production Via Junk Bonds

Gene Editing Breakthrough For Pig-To-Human Organ Transplants

Netflix To Loose Disney Content In 2019; Where Do They Go From Here?

Hololens Looses The Intel Atom SoC

Aluminum Alloy Key To Starting A Hydrogen Energy Revolution?

Snapchat Stumbles To Twitter-like Doom Due To Facebook Copying One Of Their Key Features

Operator Lands A Drone On The UK’s Most Advanced Warship Unnoticed

NASA Revives Interest In Atomic Rockets – Not the bomb kind

DNA Malware

Silicon Valley Billionaire Looses Beach Battle

Turning Salt Water Into Fresh Water With Glass Bottles

Ye Olde Japanese Typewriter:


Don’t forget that this will will be “Yuge” in trade, economics and technology as NAFTA renegotiations begin.

BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH! – I remember in high school having to study the Salem Witch Trials, which included watching a movie about them; about the same time is when I was introduced to Monty Python & The Holy Grail. You can probably guess at which film stuck in my memory the best but all the same, I didn’t perceive at the time that I would witness modern society go down that path. Led by “liberals” of course.

I’m sure you have heard plenty about the ‘diversity’ memo at Google where ex-Google employee James Damore is the latest heretic to enjoy the wrath of modern witch hunters. Just offering a reminder that Silicon Valley is the new Salem, the self-righteous witch hunters are “tolerant” liberals marching towards the dream of 1984. Also don’t forget that Youtube *IS* Google and they are demonetizing channels that express any unpopular opinion at record paces. This is why I am using videos from alternate sources like Vid.Me when possible; you can send cash tips to people on that site as one way to get around YT’s censorship although it does seem like if anyone gets as big as YT does, they’ll end up catering to vocal SJWs as well.

There are many articles out there that have been created surrounding the situation but here is one that you might enjoy from a woman who worked at Google for a time.

Alt-Tech Services To Use – Of course the whole situation that has been brewing out there for a while now has it’s dilemmas. You don’t want to support the targeted censorship that Google/Facebook/Twitter/Wikipedia/etc. push as a part of their political agenda but who do you use when they’ve got these monopolies over communication? Computing Forever is here to help with alternatives:

Apple’s ARKit – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the digital reality that has the most potential for future growth isn’t so much Virtual Reality (VR) but Augmented Reality (AR). VR faithful hate to admit it but not everyone is going to be walking around with a VR HMD along with all of the hardware necessary to make it interesting whereas if you own a smartphone, then you already have an AR device. If you have Pokemon Go, then you’ve already used an AR app. The main bonus is that it doesn’t have to be strapped to your face to work.

Apple is one company that is beginning to push for AR with their aptly named ARKit. This week I’ve seen several videos posted online of users tinkering with the idea, showing the potential here. Since AR makes use of real world surfaces, this also gives it a big advantage over VR. Here’s one example called Crazy Golf:

Liquid Mirror Nail Polish – Something for the ladies, for a change:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Five Orbits Left For Cassini – Today marks one of the last milestones in the Cassini mission as the famous probe begins dipping into the planet’s atmosphere. There are only five orbits left before it will meet a blazing doom within the planet itself. Funny enough, this photo looks a lot like Titan’s haze, excepting the ring effects.

Cassini above Saturn

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