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Trump Endorses Senator Luther Strange Over Vocal Trump Supporter Mo Brooks

Trump Endorses Senator Luther Strange Over Vocal Trump Supporter Mo Brooks 1 of 5

1. Trump may have just ended Mo Brooks and Roy Moore’s aspirations to higher office with this endorsement

With a little under a week away, Alabama’s Senate Primary may have just got turned on its head.

Trump just endorsed Senator Luther Strange, the opponent of Alabama representative Mo Brooks and Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Roy Moore obtained his fame from his stance on refusing to remove the ten commandments monument he commissioned for the Alabama Judicial Building (which he was forcibly removed from the Supreme Court afterwards by a state commission).

Moore went on to run again for the position and won the office. After Justice Kennedy decided with the majority on the Supreme Court that gay marriage was in the Constitution under the “I can do whatever I want because I am a Supreme Court Justice” clause, Roy Moore continued to enforce the ban on gay marriage in defiance of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, Moore resigned in April of this year.

Luther Strange has been serving in the Senate, appointed by Alabama’s governor, since Jeff Sessions left office to lead the Department of Justice.

2. Trump Endorses Senator Luther Strange Over Vocal Trump Supporter Mo Brooks

3. What is the Latest Polling on the Alabama Senate Primary?

A poll just released shows Senator Luther Strange in second place to Roy Moore, who got 30% to Strange’s 22% respectively. Representative Mo Brooks was in third with 19%.

Senator Luther Strange and Representative Mo Brooks have a lot of ground to catch up in the favorable-unfavorable department, both have near or over 50% unfavorables when compared to the well liked former Chief Justice.

The poll found that 53 percent of respondents view Moore favorably, compared with 34 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Just 35 percent have a favorable view of Strange and half of respondents see him unfavorably.

About one-third, 31 percent, have a favorable impression of Brooks, compared with 43 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of him.

The poll of 500 Alabama residents was conducted from Aug. 5-6. Its margin of error is 4.4 percent.

4. Who Wins with this endorsement?

This is a win for Mitch McConnell, who has been backing the Senator and a tangential win for Trump. The Senator has been largely a loyal follower of every Trump endorsed plan in the Senate, unlike Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Portman, Capito, and a few others.

Mitch McConnell has been running ads in favor of Senator Luther Strange during the primary battle.


5. Who Loses?

This is a huge blow to conservative media personalities that have endorsed Mo Brooks like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. This also hurts the Tea Party Patriots, who have also endorsed Mo Brooks for the Senate seat.

Mo Brooks has made frequent media appearances where he has wholeheartedly supported the Trump agenda. He claims to be against the establishment and had offered to help Trump on many occasions.

And yet…

Last year during the presidential primary, he was an avid supporter of Ted Cruz. And he called Trump a “serial adulterer” who he also compared to being similar to Nancy Pelosi. AKA, Mo Brooks was a Nevertrumper.

And McConnell’s groups have hit him hard on these things in their ads:

Roy Moore and Mo Brooks have been hitting back on Luther Strange hard (by attacking Mitch McConnell):

They lied about repealing Obamacare. Now Mitch McConnell’s DC slime machine is spending millions spreading lies about Roy Moore, bearing false witness. Why? We know why. We all know why. Roy Moore is honest and Roy Moore is his own man. And Roy Moore fears God, stands for the Constitution, fights for what is right and believes what we believe. Drain the swamp. Send McConnell a message. Send them all a message. Roy Moore: Senate.

Let the fireworks begin!

August 15th is the primary election.


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