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Summertime for Hitler

One of the greatest things about The Blogosphere is that on days when Your Local Content Provider feels too lazy to crank out Original Content (“Gee Uncle Bruno, that sure seems like a regular occurrence these days.” Ya, ya, ya. Bite me.) there are tons of Other Posts ready, willing and able to be link fodder in my Ongoing Effort to keep The Spartan Readership in a constant state of high amusement.

And so it is that the prolific Kurt Schlichter over at Townhall has posted yet another gem which I readily share with you all, aka The Loyal Readership.

Firstly, Schlichter conjures up the most Horrific Imagery yet written in Post-Eclipse America (CONTENT WARNING!)

The old Nazis invaded Poland and wouldn’t leave; these invade their moms’ basements and will never leave. But apparently these 300 or so misfits and malcontents are a potent peril to our republic. I’m not sure if they themselves are a direct threat to anything besides the bottom line at a Golden Corral all-you-can-eat buffet unlucky enough to have them as patrons. The only thing scarier to its manager would be seeing Lena Dunham waddling in on a cheat day.

Great minds think alike so it’s no surprise that Kurt and I spent last week Off the Grid:

I took a week off from the milieu of political insanity to go out amongst the normals and chalk up another huge trial victory, and when I got back I was stunned – stunned! – to find that a consensus had formed that Nazis are bad. Beforehand, I had no idea where the establishment stood on Nazis, but now it’s crystal clear. They hate Nazis because Nazis are bad. Everyone from CNN to Mitt Romney hates Nazis. I couldn’t be prouder of an establishment that takes that kind of tough stand. They’re going to hate Nazis, and they don’t care whose jack-booted toes they step on!

A delicious shot at Team Fredocon:

It’s also got the usual suspects of the wuss right activated. That’s why you see needy Fredocons like Mitt Romney being retrieved from their well-deserved obscurity and sent out to dance eagerly for the nods and nickels tossed his way by the same media that said he gave people cancer. I don’t know, but assume the guys vying to replace John McCain as the leader of the Blue Falcon wing of the GOP, Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse, competed vigorously to see who could ignore violent leftists in order to signal the most solemn rejection of Nazis in a manner that validates the lying liberals’ premise that the Republican Party harbors Nazis. Of course, we saw another pathetic grasp at relevance in the form of finger-wagging by the has-beens at that failing cruise cabin sales organization,The Weekly Standard.

Finally, a gentle reminder to all those suffering from Faux Outrage Syndrome: Ol’ Gal Nemesis is a Cruel Mistress when karma takes a turn onto the southbound road:

But what’s the effect on normal people? Taking a break from Twitter and the media for a week to go be with normal people gave me an interesting perspective that I don’t get when I’m surrounded by others invested in politics. None of them care. The exact number of times I heard normal people mention Nazis was zero. No one normal was talking about it, except on the occasional big screen I passed in my travels. No one normal was paying attention to the Wolf Blitzers or the Rachel Maddows. Everyone normal was living their lives, and this fake moral meltdown had no part in them. The fact that the whole thing is so ridiculous doesn’t help it gain traction. Donald Trump is a lot of things, but a Nazi is not one of them.

And the idea that when there are two sets of idiots facing each other you can’t point out that both sets of idiots are idiots just doesn’t ring true. Normal people are blessedly free of the little taboos that the establishment seeks to impose, like the one that forbids pointing out that the alt left is just as scummy and slimy as the alt right. The general feeling among normals is “A pox on both your basements.”

The Great Nazi Panic of 2017 will fade away when its sponsors realize that it’s not having the effect on the mass of the normal Americans they hoped for. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t caused grave damage. The establishment has, in its desperation to return to unchallenged supremacy, eagerly jettisoned its dedication to the concept of free speech. It might not work out the way they hope once there is a national arbiter of what may and may not be thought or spoken. After all, as we found out last November, the person you think is going to be wielding the power isn’t necessarily the person who you thought was going to be wielding the power.


Another post cranked out and The Big Dogs are once again Happy Campers.

Please Kind Sirs, may I have some more gruel please?

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