Spike Lee Holding a Rally for Colin Kaepernick at the NFL Headquarters

Spike Lee has had it with the NFL and the team owners not hiring and blackballing Colin Kaepernick. The controversial, race baiting hollywood director is planning on going to the mat for Kaepernick at the NFL Headquarters in New York.

The even called, “United We Stand Rally for Colin Kaepernick” is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23rd. The organizations expected to join the protest in front of the NFL Headquarters include the Justice League NYC and the Empowerment Movement.

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Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed by the NFL owners because of his social justice warrior stances against the national anthem, that many of his compatriots have echoed in their own attention seeking gambits. The NFL has suffered greatly under this torrent of anti-Americanism in the players, who have been richly rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts and have their every need met by the owners in other ways.

The NFL television viewers and football fans in general have expressed extremely negative views on the behavior, with NFL Monday Night Football ratings down 20% and overall ratings down nearly 10% across all events.

But the social justice warriors have expressed their continued support, another organization praised Kaepernick’s positions:

“He stood up for us,” Livingston told ESPN’s Michael Rothstein at the time. “It’s only right that he took our issues in our communities and brought it to a national level and sacrificed salary and being ostracized by the NFL. It was only right that we stand up for him. I started this, literally, when he came to my office — I was moved. I work with parolees. People usually want to ostracize this particular population. Me working with him on the front lines and him coming to my office, this is not the first time I’ve worked with him. So I thought it was only right that I stand up for him.”

One of the organizations going to the rally, the Justice League NYC was behind the creation of the “I Can’t Breathe” shirts that social justice warrior millionaire athletes wore in the aftermath of the killing of Eric Garner by police.

Hilariously, the poster for the event spells Colin Kaepernick’s name wrong, using “Kapernick” as the NFL Quarterback’s last name:



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