Why was a Search Warrant issued for Justine Damond’s Home the morning after she was shot & killed by Somali cop Mohamed Noor?

UPDATED: Governor visits mosque

What is going on here?

Why did the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension request issuance of a search warrant for the home of Australian spiritual healer and yoga instructor Justine Damond just hours after she was shot and killed by Somali cop Mohamed Noor?

Ms. Damond called the police to report a possible sexual assault in progress in the alley behind her house.  What possible reason could the police have to search HER house the day after she was killed?

This is very strange.

All the pertinent information may be found via this link:

Stately McDaniel Manor: The Justine Damond Case, Update #7.2: All Fished Out

From the post:

…Why did they conduct the search? There are two primary possibilities:

Possibility 1: O’Brien and his compatriots are well intentioned but incompetent. They don’t understand the Fourth Amendment and are reduced to using generic, off the shelf forms for search warrants. They didn’t realize they didn’t have probable cause, but wanted to do a good, thorough job and Damond’s home was close by–hey, she made the 911 calls from there, maybe–so why not search it?

Possibility 2: The search was a classic fishing expedition. They knew very well they had no probable cause to search, so they used a generic form to erect a smoke screen, and did an unnecessary telephonic warrant to further obscure the facts. They had no reason not to take the paperwork directly to a judge. They had plenty of time to figure out what happened, and plenty of time to speak with high-ranking MPD and BCA officers. They knew the political climate in Minneapolis, and wanted to be on the right side of that politically correct imperative, so wanted to find anything they could use against Damond to impugn her character or to try to help explain away Noor’s shooting. At the very least, maybe they could give their superiors and high-ranking politicians some wiggle room.


One theory:

 Is the BCA working to provide a politically palatable out for Mayor Hodges, the City Council, and Mohamed Noor, a black Somali upon who the city has heaped such acclaim? Is it more important to them to protect their political investment in Noor, who represents Minneapolis/Somali relations and Democrat electoral viability, or to uphold the rule of law?

Hat Tip to Powerline blog’s Scott Johnson for finding this comprehensive take on the incident and posting it here.


And now this:

An early-morning blast rocked the Dar Al Farooq mosque in Bloomington, Minn., on Saturday, as worshipers had just begun to gather inside for morning prayers.

The explosion was reported to the police around 5 a.m., and they found “smoke and some damage” upon arriving. Mike Hartley, the deputy police chief in Bloomington, said there was no structural damage to the building, but he declined to elaborate on any damage inside.

Bloomington is a large suburb just south of Minneapolis.

In a news conference, Mohamed Omar, the executive director of the mosque, said the explosion had occurred “in the direction of the imam’s room.”

It is unclear from the story if the explosion occurred inside the mosque or outside on the mosque grounds.


He said one member of the congregation immediately ran outside to see what had happened, and “saw a truck fleeing from the parking lot.”

Curious  and curiouser…

UPDATE: Governor visits mosque.


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