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Roy Moore Skyrockets in Polling as Luther Strange Falters

The media, GOP, and Democrats are obsessed with the Trump show, which consumes their attention. Outside of the DC swamplands, though, the voters seem like they’re continuing a move to the right:

A new poll shows former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore with a commanding lead over Luther Strange, the Washington establishment backed candidate, heading into the GOP primary runoff for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat left open this year.

The poll from JMC Analytics provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release shows Moore with 51 percent, a majority, supporting him, while Strange trails nearly 20 points behind with just 32 percent—and 17 percent are undecided. Moore’s commanding lead comes after he outperformed polls to finish around 39 percent in a multi-way primary this past Tuesday. Strange finished the first round of voting with just under 33 percent, and this poll seems to indicate that Moore is the only candidate gaining more votes while Strange is stuck with a ceiling of what he got on primary day before the runoff.

“There are three main takeaways from this poll: (1) former Chief Justice Roy Moore surges into an early runoff lead due to support from a substantial number of those who did not support either runoff contender in the August 15 primary, (2) evangelical support is fueling Moore’s initial runoff lead, and (3) both President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s endorsements are not helping Senator Strange,” JMC Analytics pollster John Couvillon wrote in his analysis of the data.

Moore is winning almost everywhere statewide now, too, Couvillon writes, adding that he is also consolidating support from the other candidates in the first round of the race. In total, in addition to Brooks, the August 15 first round had a number of other candidates. Outside of Moore and Strange—the two who made the runoff—there is a whopping nearly 30 percent up for grabs. Interestingly, that also means that Strange—with an endorsement from Trump and more than $10 million spent on his behalf—was rejected by more than 67 percent of the Alabama GOP electorate.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Trump endorses Kelli Ward tomorrow night.

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