The Road Forward for the New Right

Anybody who studied military tactics know that the worst thing that can happen to an army engaged in a war is losing momentum. This is what happened to the new right on Saturday, and I will try to explain why it happened, and what I think it can be done to stop the left’s offensive, and gathering the scattered troops that right now are fighting with each other.

In the past one and half year the new right has made strides in the public opinion, and has started challenging the monopoly of information of the MSM. These are facts. How did they do it? Because they came up with fresh faces, with new ideas, and didn’t try to battle on the favorite turf of the left: feelings and racial grievances be them real or invented.

How did the left was failing? Simple, because they used old tactics that were repugnant to the public: stridency of the discourse and public violence. The Antifa was going on the way of “Occupy Wall Street”, and BLM. The public opinion was starting to turn against their tactics, against their totalitarian stances regarding freedom of expression. Therefore, what did the left do? The left regrouped and waited for a favorable moment which came on Saturday, August 12th, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

What the new right didn’t do in meantime was cleaning house, and distance publicly and vehemently by its fringe elements. When voices of the new right denounced people like Richard Spencer, other people on the same new right pushed back furiously against those who dared to speak against them for reasons that escape me right now.

Past forward last Saturday when the marched for freedom of speech and against the rewriting of history in Charlottesville organized by the same Robert Spencer took place. It was a trap in which a lot of good people stepped in unaware and convinced that their first amendment right was sufficient to protect them. The warning signs were there for anybody to see from last Tuesday when the march organizers were told that the Police will not assure them protection. The same good faith people didn’t observe or did not want to see that the march was filled with Nazi propaganda accessories: from the Tiki torches that resembled the end of al NAZI marches, to other symbols. Where were the American flags? Nowhere. Why did they go on and participated in this charade? Because they could? Yes, they could but they shouldn’t have.  In meantime, the left started organizing. They brought people from out of town, people ready to fight knowing that the Police would not intervene or try to stop them if they attacked.  Anybody with a working cell would have suspended any protest in such circumstances, especially in a university town. The result of this blindness of many of us led to the Saturday’s catastrophic result.

This is the past right now, the problem that the new right must solve is how it can get out of this pickle. Therefore, I will propose a few steps that are necessary if we want to keep the coalition of the new right alive.

  1. A thorough cleaning of the movement of all its fringe elements. If in this purge some beloved characters of the movement will be caught, too bad for them, sacrifices need to be done for the movement to survive.
  2. The right must think long and hard if they want to organize soon any march or protest. But if they decide to do them there are a few things that can be done:
  3. Avoid university cities. The schools will be in session soon, and the potential for Antifa to recruit soldiers to go to fight, and get into violent clashes is great. The more people attend a rally, a march, the easier it is to infiltrate agents provocateurs, and create mayhem.
  4. Look outside the box in organizing protests. Enlist the veterans, and the grandmothers. Put the grandmothers of the Daughters of the Confederacy holding pictures of their beloved ones who died in the wars standing against the rewriting the history in the form of the demolishing the Confederate statues. Let the Antifa mock the old ladies, and the police arguing that they are a danger to the community. Ask the veterans to hold guard around the same monuments. Let the Antifa spit and haul against them reenacting the end of Vietnam War attitude.
  5. Pick and choose what we protest for or against. Create a family atmosphere: bring families, small dogs on leaches, have cupcakes, and flowers. Be vigilant against infiltrators and avoid any imagery that resembles the Nazi paraphernalia. Inform yourself about them online or at the local library. Watch Leni Riefenstahl movies on YouTube or Netflix to know what to avoid. Bring small American flags, create slogans that can be chanted on the streets by anybody. First row of the protest: the children, their parents hand in hand. Have strong men on the sides watching for infiltrators and provocateurs.
  6. Stop fighting with each other and circle the wagons around the president. Call your representative, the Senators, the local state representatives, the GOP and DNC headquarters, and demand that they support his agenda. Get involved in the community affairs. Go to the city hall meetings, and be aware of what is going on in the city you live in.
  7. Keep calm, read history, educate yourself about public strategies, and protest methods.
  8. Avoid brawls with the left as much as possible. Document on video or still photography everything the left is doing. If it gets too dangerous leave the area.
  9. Attend or create discussion groups online or at your home with like-minded people. Be creative.
  10. Understand that the Confederate statues issues is a wedge issue for many people who don’t have Southern roots, therefore they don’t understand the sensibilities of the Southerners. Remember that this is an issue used by the left to further create divisions inside the Trump coalition putting the South versus the North again, in other words creating identity differences and conflicts that are un-necessary.


These are a few suggestions for future actions. And again: stay calm, regroup, stand unite around POTUS, and understand that any war requires sacrifices, victims, and that the successful campaigns are win not necessarily by the number of soldiers engaged in the battles but by strategy. Fight but fight intelligently and don’t play into the left’s hands by answering with violence at the Antifa crowd provocations.


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