The Pupu Files – Fake Camping with Megyn Kelly

Will this make her any more likable?

This is Pupu Platter reporting from Manhattan where storm clouds continue to gather over the head of Megyn “Me Again” Kelly.

The last time we checked in on Me Again, the ratings for her Sunday Night TV show was further underwater than the 9th Ward was after Hurricane Katrina. Since then, things have gone from worst to disaster.

Now, NBC has taken to using a series of gimmicks to promote the “girl next door” and “middle class” upbringing of Me Again. They want to show that Me Again is no different than you or I. They do this by running  a clip of Me Again and her family going camping.

Just for fun, let’s take a critical look at “camping with Megyn”. To do so, we shall take info and photos from the Daily Mail story on the camping trip.

The Today Show begins by showing us just how normal Me Again and her family is. They are walking with their camping gear to their “ride”. Notice that there is no real camping gear, just luggage, etc. What’s up with that?


Well, Me Again proves that they are true campers at heart, willing to take on the challenges of camping in the wild. They prove their middle class roots by taking their 35 foot RV vehicle to the camping site.

Say WOT?  Going camping  in the wild requires a 35 foot RV for their ride? Next, they will be wanting to camp in the Penthouse Suite at Trump Tower!  That would be real camping out in the wild……..for a Leftist Elist.

Me Again and her “house husband” prove just how experienced of campers they truly are. They need an “outdoors guide” to help them “tame the wild”. Maybe he will protect them from all the “lions and tigers and bears….oh my!”

This just gets “better and better”!

Of course, if you are going camping, you will need two things, a shelter/tent and a fire. (Unless you are “fake camping” and using a 35 foot RV which you never saw being used.) Here, the house husband wimp pitches a tent.

Of course, Me Again shows her absolute adoration of the house husband for this amazing feat.

“If we got stuck out in the wilderness and actually had to survive on our own, there is zero doubt in my mind you would survive. I’d be a goner. You’d be tapping the trees for maple syrup and I’d be like, where’s the Chardonnay?”

(Yeah, right….as long as they had the 35 foot RV to stay in.)

Of course, there is the matter of starting the camp fire.  To do this, Me Again shows her absolute ingenuity. “I made fire”, she screams.

Yeah, she made fire………by using a magnesium strip to start it.  And she is just so proud of herself.

Okay, enough of this drive!!! I just can’t stand it any longer!!!

Does NBC truly believe that this will make Me Again any more likable?

The National Park that Me Again and family went to is 2 hours away from New York. So they took a 35 foot RV to the park. And then we are expected to believe that Me Again would spend the night in one tent, with her, house hubby wimp and her three kids all in it together? And then, we are expected to believe that they cooked food on the campfire and not in the RV?

Anyone who has gone camping a couple of times understands the absurdity of this “camping trip” by Me Again. They will see through this garbage for the joke that it is. No way does it serve to make Me Again more likable. Instead, it serves to make a person “upchuck”.

This is no more than Fake Camping, brought to you by Fake News.

Your truly enjoyable Pupu Platter takes another one for the good of the team.

Signing off until the next time……


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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