Pu Returns!

Pu:  Hey Rubbish! Warning! I am baaaack!

Rubbish:  Back? No one even knew you were gone.

Pu:  Just goes to show the YUGE impact that I have here. (looking for razor blades to slit my wrists.)

Rubbish: Okay, don’t get all Fossten on me. What have you been up to?

Pu:  At the beginning of June, the home I was renting was put up for sale. So I had to find a new home to rent and move to.

Rubbish:  Bummer. That took 2 months?

Pu:  Yep, had to find the home, wait for it to be made ready for move-in, and then the move itself.

Rubbish:  Why didn’t you buy a home?

Pu:  You have read what I write about prices being so high. Why buy when Things are overpriced and with a crash coming.

Rubbish:  I must have missed that post…

Pu:  You are a cementer here. You are expected to NOT read the posts.

Rubbish:  Ouch… point taken. Anything good come of the time away?

Pu:  Oh yeah. Bigger and better home. Much better neighborhood, and got some medical issues handled. But best of all, I invested in a new business opportunity that will allow me to retire soon.

Rubbish:  That is great news all around!

Pu:  I see things changed around here. Looks like NWC moved the furniture again.

Rubbish:  Don’t even bring that up. NWC changed the commenting system again and things went south.

Pu:  Looks okay to me.

Rubbish: This is the system that replaced the last system that did not work.

When NWC made the change, people rebelled. Some left for good, some left for good several times and others just got into big fights. Looked just like a Republican National Convention.

Now, everything is great.

Pu:  Wow, that is wonderful! Looks like my new investment is going to make me rich!

Rubbish:  I’m confused…… how will the new system make you rich?

Pu:  It was NWC who told me about the investment opportunity. He had invested in a company that made him a ton of money and offered to let me in on it. I bought every share he was selling in a system called WordPress. Looks like based upon what you said about the response here, it will go big.

Rubbish:  Pu, the new system is WordPress was the system that no one liked…..

Pu:  WOT? You mean I got scammed?

Rubbish:  You need to talk with NWC about that. Huh? What are you doing?

Pu:  Damn….. it is here somewhere….. may be in this box……

Rubbish:  What are you looking for?

Pu:  My Colt 1911……..gonna pay NWC a visit and discuss my “investment”….may be in this box, nope….it’s somewhere in this mess..


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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