Here Are The Peaceful Protesters The GOP Supports

peaceful protesters antifa

Immediately after “peaceful protesters” rioted in Charlottesville President Donald Trump condemned political violence committed by both sides. The GOP leadership, rather than standing behind the president, decided to condemn him. The GOP threw their support behind Antifa thugs and left-wing terrorists.

Last weekend in Berkeley Antifa and the Alt-Left showed the GOP exactly what their support had bought.

The ironic thing about Berkeley is there were barely any Trump supporters there.  The Right had maybe a few dozen people in attendance compared to the hundreds that Antifa and the Alt-Left brought against them.  These cretins still rioted and assaulted people.  Often with the full blessing of the police, who were given orders to stand down.

The GOP needs to be made to see exactly what they are supporting here.  These aren’t “peaceful protesters” demonstrating against an evil, oppressive organization of white supremacists and Nazis.  Antifa is not cute and cuddly like the TEA Party.  The Alt-Left isn’t the Coffee Party or even Occupy Wall Street.  The Alt-Left is vile and hateful.  The black-clad thugs of Antifa are hyper-violent fascists.  They are rabid dogs that have been fed a steady diet of hate from the Mainstream Media.

Antifa and the Alt-Left do not represent American values.  If anything the Alt-Left represents a set of values and beliefs that Americans have spent literally centuries fighting against.  In allying themselves with these groups, the GOP has set itself against the values that Americans from all walks of life hold dear.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.  The Alt-Left holds all of these in complete and utter contempt.

These are the people the GOP has chosen to side with.  The consequences for them will be nothing short of disastrous.

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Written by Radius

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