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Many unanswered questions surround Minnesota mosque bombing UPDATED!

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press first report:

Asad Zaman, director of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, said at a news conference that a witness saw something being thrown at the imam’s office window from a “van or truck” before the blast. Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, said a worshipper saw a pickup truck speeding away afterward.

But wait, there’s also this from the same story:

Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, said in an interview that he was inside the mosque preparing for morning prayers when he felt a “huge explosion” that quickly caused smoke and flames. Omar said another person present told him he had heard the sound of a window breaking and then a pickup truck fleeing outside.

The “huge explosion” broke one pane of glass:

Or did the “IED” break the glass when it was thrown into the building?

Apparently it was a “pipebomb” as per WCCO TV:

A U.S. official has told CBS News that the explosive used in the Bloomington mosque attack was a pipe-bomb type device.

According to officials, the device used in the Saturday morning explosion at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center showed “more sophistication” than expected.

To recap: a “sophisticated pipe-bomb” was chucked through the imam’s window at 5AM from a passing vehicle.  The bomb breaks the bottom right pane of glass (Tempered? Untempered?) and causes a “huge explosion” that fails to damage three other windows in the office.

The witness sees a truck but not the driver.  If the Truck Guy chucked the pipebomb from the street he had uncanny accuracy.  There is no mention that the truck drove up on to the lawn or that someone ran up to the window and threw it into the office.

Several days have now passed and any MSM headline writer worth his salt is salivating for


What would Sherlock Holmes have to say about the lack of barking dogs up to now?

Photo update to provide visual perspective:








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