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VIDEO – Boston Free Speech Rally – BREAKING – Elderly Woman With an American Flag Punched and Dragged Through Antifa/BLM Crowds

The RightSideBroadcasting guys have a few feeds on the ground. The most recent one had a lone feed of one free speech supporter who was completely surrounded by left wing protesters, including media.

He was repeatedly asking the CNN reporter where all the Nazis were at, as she was berating him.

Now the leftists protesting are screaming shame, it sounds like it was lifted straight out of Game of Thrones. These guys can’t get anything more original?

Anyway, here is the live link:

VIDEO – Boston Free Speech Rally – BREAKING – Elderly Woman With an American Flag Punched and Dragged Through Antifa/BLM Crowds 1 of 5

1. Update: Looks Like it was a Setup… Shocker

The Boston Mayor and the Police commissioner both stated that they wouldn’t allow the protesters and the counter protesters to meet. The two groups have already met and are intermingling.

The police aren’t allowing press to enter in at one of the entrances to film the rally.

The police are allowing the antifa to wear full face masks inside the event.

We can be almost assured that violence is going to break out at some point today now.

2. Update 2: The Alt Right People are Showing Up

The rally is getting violent already, emotions are getting very high.

There are people in the leftist groups shouting “NO VIOLENCE” as they try to calm their crowds down.

There are two or three Trump supporters on the current livestream location surrounded by a horde of screaming antifa supporters.

The Antifa are chanting “Fuck Trump” along with screaming “Get the fuck out of my city you fascist fuck!”

3. Update 3: Black Lives Matter is now on the Scene

Prepare for riots and property damage.

Alternate stream on periscope:

4. UPDATE 4: The Police May Have Just Been Given a Stand Down Order!

Unconfirmed, but the organizers of the Free Speech Rally have just received word that this may have happened. Kyle Chapman (basedstickman) just announced it on the periscope stream.

The mayor wants violence.

Here is the deal:

  • They have double barricades between the two rallies.
  • The free speech people are standing in the center pavilion with the antifa-BLM completely surrounding them chanting.
  • Even if the cops don’t stand down, if any of the protesters were to charge, the cops wouldn’t be able to stop them.
  • There are 300 cops vs 8000 nutcases.

BREAKING:  Elderly Woman Holding Up An American Flag Attacked!

A left wing protester hits an elderly woman and drags her through the crowd:

5. UPDATE 6: Now the Police are in Riot Gear

The Free Speech Rally is over, the police have donned riot gear:

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